Castor Oil is a potent natural home remedy that helps in improving hair, skin, eyelashes and health!

What is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained from castor beans through a specialized cold-extraction process that requires no heat. Castor oil is a thick, translucent and yellowish liquid which is a part of many skin and hair care products owing to its potent benefits.
The components of the oil such as Ricinoleic acid improve the natural absorption of the oil which deeply nourish the skin, hair and body.
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What is castor oil composed of and what is the role of its components?

Castor oil holds high quantities of essential fatty acids and Ricinoleic acid that are highly beneficial for skin, eyelashes and hair when applied regularly.

The fatty acids present in the Castor oil work to replenish all the essential nutrients that are being lost by the skin on a daily basis.

They provide the building proteins of the hair and skin with sufficient strength to reduce hair breakage and split ends in case of hair and delay development of various signs of aging in case of skin.

Ricinoleic acids hold a high percentage in the castor oil composition. It increases the absorption capacity of the oil and makes sure that the oil reaches the innermost layer of the skin. It also holds potent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are a prominent activity of the oil.

Get Castor oil as per your needs

USDA Certified Organic Castor Oil

Organic castor oil is made from high quality ingredients that facilitate the growth of hair, eyelashes, eyebrows & skin

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Regular massaging castor oil into your scalp and hair roots helps to improve blood circulation and nourish scalp and hair.

Castor Oil for Skin

Castor oil is beneficial for skin. It reduces signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.
Castor Oil for Face

Treating your face with castor oil every night results in clear skin with unclogged pores.

100% Pure Castor Oil

Castor oil with all its natural components can help you improve your health, skin and hair condition in a short amount of time.

Best Castor Oil

Compare different castor oils and choose the best oil that suits you.

Castor Oil Benefits

Castor oil application can help you achieve many benefits related to your hair, skin,eyelashes and health.

Castor Oil for Eyelashes

Treating face with castor oil Nourishes eyelashes & makes them voluminous & long. Helps to keep the sensitive follicles clean

Castor Oil for Acne Scars

By improving the growth of new and healthy skin cells, castor oil replaces the old dead cells and as a result lightens acne scars.
Castor Oil for Joint Pains

Castor oil is a potent natural home remedy to treat joint pains. The anti-inflammatory effect of the oil helps to relieve joint pains.
Castor Oil for Wrinkles

The ability of castor oil to tighten and strengthen skin building proteins helps to reduce the formation of wrinkles with regular use.
Where to Buy Castor Oil

You can buy USDA certified hexane-free 100% pure organic castor oil from Herbiar. Get it today to achieve beautiful skin and hair.
Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

Cold-pressed castor oil is prepared by a specialized technique that does not use heat during the application process. This preserves all the benefits of castor oil making it highly potent.

Hexane Free Castor Oil

Hexane free castor oil has no added harmful chemicals in it. The composition of castor oil is natural and organic. No chemicals also means that it is safe for use by all skin types and does not cause harm.

Pure Castor Oil

Pure castor oil contains no synthetic chemicals in it and is all-natural. That is why the effects produced by pure castor oil are permanent and do not vanish with time.

Castor Oil for Dogs

Use castor oil for dog's skin care. Treat skin related issues like allergies, dry skin, inflammation, fungal diseases, etc. That is why the effects.

Treating your hair with castor oil

Castor oil is massaged into the scalp to reduce hair breakage and hair loss while making scalp healthy.

The antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties of the oil help to treat most common hair and scalp issues such as infections caused by various chemicals or harmful environmental conditions. The scalp infections are the reason behind the damaged growth of hair and decreased hair health.

Ricinoleic acid improves the blood circulation in the scalp. New cell generation starts and the hair growth is improved to many folds.
Organic castor oil for hair growth also keeps the scalp clean from all accumulated dirt, extra oils, and sebum that often clog hair follicles.

Castor oil also works to balance the pH of the scalp. It brings it in a range where it does not result in the production of excess oils and sebum to compensate. It only balances the oil content of the scalp which is important for its proper and healthy functioning.

The oils produced as a result of a balanced pH create a protective barrier which saves the scalp and hair from the harmful chemicals that are part of many products.

Antioxidants present in the oil have a more significant impact on building proteins of the hair. They nourish them and give them strength which results in stronger, softer and smoother hair.

Relieving joint pains using Castor Oil

Applying castor oil for the purpose of relieving joint pains is a common and potent practice. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil help to treat severe joint pains.

Castor oil is considered an ideal oil for treating sore muscles, inflamed nerves and joint pains. Massaging the oil onto the affected area and using a heating pad twice a week will easily treat joint pains and make movement easy.

How to apply castor oil on your hair?

One basic rule for pure organic castor oil application is; “less is more.” A small amount of the oil is sufficient for treating the hair.

  • All you have to do is take a small amount of the oil in the palms of your hands and rub it together.
  • This warms the oil slightly and makes it less viscous.
  • You can also add a few drops of any other essential oil if you want to. That dilutes the oil and adds to the benefits.
  • Then gently massage the oil into your scalp in a while applying a little pressure. Massaging the oil makes blood circulation of the scalp better and helps the oil reach the innermost layer of skin.
  • The move towards the tip of your hair and make sure that each hair strand is covered.
  • Let the oil stay in your hair for some time and then wash it off with your regular shampoo.
  • It is also recommended to keep the oil overnight for better results.

It is often recommended to apply the oil about once to twice weekly. It is sufficient to achieve the desired benefits.
It is also recommended to apply the oil on slightly damp hair to increase the absorption capacity of the oil. Cover the head with a warm towel or a shower cap to keep the oil inside the hair and enhanced

Apply castor oil on your eyelashes and eyebrows for a beautiful look

Application of castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows is same as the hair one similar to hair. The Ricinoleic acid helps into strengthening the eyelashes and eyebrows and reduces the fall out caused as a result of due to weakened proteins.

Application of the oil also removes any impurities that might be clogging the sensitive hair follicles and disturbing the growth of the eyelashes.

Application of organic cold pressed castor oil is easy. The applicator kit that comes with the oil helps you in applying the oil efficiently with no product loss.

  • Take the brush, if applying on the eyebrows, or the wand, if applying on the eyelashes from the applicator kit and dip into the oil.
  • Both, the brush and the wand, are designed to take only product sufficient for the application,so that there is no product loss.
  • Apply the oil carefully on your desired area and do multiple strokes to make sure each hair is covered. Let it stay for a little while for better results.
  • Daily application on eyebrows and eyelashes has shown amazing positive results.

More About Castor Oil and Its Application



Applicator designed in a way to reduce any product wastage. The oil can be applied easily in no time.



Regular application of the oil balances the pH range of the scalp and improves the blood circulation resulting in better scalp health.



The antioxidants present in the oil give strength to the building proteins of the hair, eyelashes and skin. This reduces hair loss and early aging.



The oil goes into the innermost skin layer to supply essential nutrients to the skin and hair.

Benefits of Castor Oil for Skin

The antioxidants present in the castor oil help skin in fighting off harmful environment factor, various signs of aging and many other infections.

Ricinoleic acid imparts anti-bacterial properties which kill all infection-causing bacteria and makes sure that the skin stays clean and clear. Massaging castor the oil into the skin in light circular motions helps to improve the blood circulation of the skin.

Improved blood circulation helps to expel all dirt, sebum, and oil from the skin pores and keeps them clear for nutrient absorption.

Castor oil provide various health benefits to the skin like reducing acne, enhancing softness of skin,growing healthy skin tissues, treating dry skin and promoting moisture in the skin.

Get USDA certified castor oil from Herbiar and get rid of hair, skin and health issues.

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