Castor Oil

100% Castor Oil is approved by USDA & is highly effective in improving growth & health of hair. It is found to be safe & extremely efficient as a home remedy for treating hair issues.

How is 100% pure and natural castor oil extracted?

By the help of the cold compression techniques, castor oil is extracted from the seeds of Ricinus communis plant. The cold extraction process saves the components of the oil from getting destructed by the application of heat. This way, when the oil is applied, it gives off its full benefits, and positive results are achieved.

100% pure castor oil is known from ancient times as an effective home remedy for the treatment of hair. Castor oil usp 100 for hair is a well-accepted solution to many hair problems such as excessive hair loss or hair thinning. 100 organic castor oil also boosts your natural hair growth cycle, and your hair growth is enhanced for about thrice its normal rate. With improving hair growth cycles, it also promotes the health of the hair and makes them thicker, softer and smoother.

100% pure castor oil extraction from the seeds of ricinus communis plant

What is the research evidence for the use of 100 Castor Oil for hair?

  • The potent antifungal and antibacterial properties exerted by the 100 pure and natural castor oil make it a highly effective hair treatment for all hair and scalp infections.
  • The high quantity of essential fatty acids present in the oil help to revive the damaged health of the hair and makes it softer and smoother.
  • Not only does the oil itself heal all the issues but it also gives the scalp the ability to fight various scalp infections and other inflammation-causing factors.
  • The main ingredient of the oil, ricinoleic acid, is known to improve the blood circulation when applied on the scalp. An improved blood circulation means that the waste products get expelled efficiently, and the scalp simultaneously gets all the required essential nutrients.
  • Research has also shown that 100 percent castor oil works to balance the pH of the scalp. It is enriched with antioxidants that give strength to the hair proteins and work to make them less frizzy, smooth and soft.

Which Castor Oil is Best Suitable for Application on Hair?

  • There are three kinds of castor oil usp 100 for hair that are recommended, out of these cold pressed castor oil is the most recommended.
  • The Pure cold pressed castor oil usp 100 for hair is extracted from the castor oil beans using no heat at all. The technique makes use of a non-chemical way to press the oil out from the castor oil beans mechanically.
  • With no heat involved in the extraction process, it is ensured that all the chemical structures of all the components of the 100 percent castor oil are safe and the oil will give all its benefits when applied.
  • The cold pressed castor oil is pale yellowish.
  • It is highly recommended by physicians to apply cold pressed100 pure castor oil if you have an irritated scalp as it is less alkaline in nature and will be safe for use.

How does 100 Castor Oil Control Hair Fall?

  • 100 castor oil is rich with ricinoleic acid which is known for improving the blood circulation in the scalp. An improved blood circulation all over the scalp means that all the toxins and excessive oils stuck in the hair follicles are being exp3elled regularly and are not clogging the hair follicles.
  • Clogged hair follicles mean that the hair roots will weaken and hair fall will increase.
  • Another advantage that improved blood circulation gives is that it transfers all the nutrients essential for improving the growth and health of the hair.
  • This way when the hair is healthy and strong, they will not fall easily and excessively.
  • A good blood supply also gives your hair the strength to fight off damage causing bacteria.

In What Way Does Castor Oil USP 100 for Hair Stimulate The Natural Growth of Hair?

  • Most of the nutritional value of 100 castor oil is made up of ricinoleic acid. When this ingredient is combined with other essential fatty presents in the oil such as omega 6, they get absorbed into the deepest scalp layer and supply an ample amount of nutrients there.
  • These nutrients boost the natural growth cycle while restoring the hair health.

Can Dandruff Be Treated by Applying Castor Oil?

  • Dandruff is caused as a result of an already present problem in the scalp. An excessively oily scalp or bacteria clogging the hair follicles can all lead to dandruff.
  • 100 percent castor oil is found to be extremely effective when applied to treat dandruff. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the oil fight off all the causes for dandruff formation.
  • Ricinoleic acid present in the oil works to balance the natural pH levels of the scalp. A balanced pH level means that excess oils are not being produced which ultimately means that there is no dandruff production.

Is Castor Oil USP 100 for Hair Effective to Treat Split Ends?

  • Yes, castor oil is effective in repairing damaged hair ends.
  • In case of hair split ends, the building proteins of the hair are weakened and the bonds break which results in split ends. Castor oil strengthens the proteins and repairs all damaged hair ends.

Will Applying 100 Castor Oil For Hair Improve Hair Volume?

  • Yes, when castor oil is applied regularly on hair, it improves the natural growth rate of the hair and simultaneously reduces hair fall.
  • Both of these factors contribute to making hair thick and healthy looking.

Can 100 Pure Castor Oil Naturally Darken Hair Color?

  • Castor oil is known to improve the natural hair color when applied regularly.
  • The oil has humectants in it which locks moisture inside the hair strands and enhances the tone of hair color naturally.

Can The Application of 100 Percent Castor Oil Save My Hair From Future Damage?

  • The essential fatty acids present in the oil work to form a protective barrier over the hair after they have repaired the damage already done to the hair.
  • This barrier helps to keep hair protected from the harmful rays of the sun and also save hair from losing their natural color.
    The oil also restores your natural oils of the scalp which help to protect the scalp against the harmful chemicals present in various hair products.

Castor Oil USP 100 for Hair

Hair fall, hair thinning and reduced hair growth are a few of the many hair problems faced by people all over the world. People everywhere are searching for a natural remedy to tackle all these issues, and this makes in the form of pure castor oil.

Castor oil usp 100 for hair works best when applied slightly warmed. All you have to do is warm the oil a little and massage it into the scalp. The warmth will open up the pores and make it easy for the oil to reach the hair roots.

The warmth also improves the blood circulation which ultimately leads to efficient expulsion of toxins from hair follicles and better supply of nutrients to hair roots.

long and beautiful hair by using castor oil usp 100

More About The Product: 100 Castor Oil

USDA certified castor oil


The USDA approves castor Oil, and it is guaranteed to be pure, natural and chemical and additives free. 100% Guaranteed authenticity of the product.

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Beautiful hair and skin with castor oil


Using the oil is a natural and effective way to increase the growth of the hair and repair all the damage that has been done to your hair.

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Castor Oil is cold-pressed without the application of heat or addition of any chemical. By cold-pressing, the structure of the oil does not get altered or destroyed, and the oil retains all its properties.

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Castor Oil gives amazing results when applied hair due to its natural healing properties. The oil gets absorbed quickly and gives positive results on regular use.

100 pure castor oil for better and healthy hair

The regular application of castor oil will definitely give you all the positive results you desire. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties possessed by the oil will make your hair healthy and beautiful in no time.

Organic castor oil also balances the natural pH levels of the scalp which results in no excessive production of oils in the scalp. Fewer oils mean that none would clog the hair follicles and the hair growth and hair health will not be affected.

All you have to do is regularly massage the 100 Percent Castor Oil into your hair and let it stay for some time. After that wash it off using your regular shampoo.

The essential fatty acids present in oils will go into the deepest layers of the scalp to give you your desired results. They expel all the toxins from the follicles to make room for essential nutrients which can then work to restore the natural health of the hair.

100 castor oil for hair also balances the natural pH levels of the scalp which means that there will be no excess production of oils in the scalp. Fewer oils mean that none would clog the hair follicles and the hair growth will not be hindered.

Castor oil usp 100 for hair is an inexpensive natural remedy to treat all your hair issues. Just massage the oil into your hair and scalp twice every week to get amazing results that would be long-lasting.

Always remember, healthy hair is very important!