Castor Oil

Natural castor oil for face makes your facial skin clean and clear quickly. It strengthens skin layers, treats aging signs such as wrinkles, fine lines and unclogs clogged pores.

Why Apply Castor Oil for Face?

The application of castor oil on the face is gaining popularity now. The reason behind is a large number of benefits that the regular application of the oil can ring to your facial skin.
Facial skin is thinner and more delicate than the skin of the rest of the body. That is why it requires special considerations when we consider applying products on the face. Products that are to be applied on the face should be natural which makes castor oil the most suitable oil for facial treatment.
The all-natural oil contains no harmful, synthetic chemicals which can possess any damage to the sensitive facial skin.

Castor Oil Benefits For Face

Organic castor oil application helps improve the condition of facial skin. The advantages given off by best quality castor oil include:

Fights of Wrinkles and Fine

free radicles formed in the skin layers accelerate the aging process of the skin and results in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Castor oil neutralizes free radicles by the help of antioxidants present in the oil.

Treats Acne:

bacteria clog the pores of the skin and lead to the development of acne and pimples. Antibacterial properties of castor oil fight and kill all acne-causing bacteria and keep skin clean.

Lightens Acne Scars:

acne leaves behind acne scars that are very tough to get rid off. Castor oil removes dead skin cell layers and scarred tissues. It brings the healthy and fresh skin cell layers from underneath which helps to lighten the appearance of acne scars.

Reduces Skin Swelling:

the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil help to treat skin swelling caused by pimples and inflammations. It also quickly reduces the size of pimples.

Keeps Skin Moisturized:

the moisturizing components of the oil keep skin soft and smooth. Moisturized skin does not age quickly as compared to dry skin.

Heals Sunburn Damage:

sunburn results in a lot of pain and increased skin peeling. The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil cause a marked decrease in the pain while the moisturizing agents of the oil reduce skin peeling.

Maintains the Health of the

castor oil is full of essential fatty acids that work to maintain the health of the skin.

Is Castor Oil Safe for Facial Application?

Yes, castor oil is proven to be extremely safe for facial application. The natural components of the oil are not harsh for the delicate and sensitive facial skin and gently treats the skin to solve issues.

What Kind of Castor Oil for Face

Cold-pressed, hexane-free castor oil is highly recommended for application on the face. Hexane-free castor oil does not contain any harmful synthetic chemicals which do not cause any hypersensitivity of skin.

Cold-pressed keep the oil structure preserved to provide all the benefits that it claims. Cold-pressed castor oil is more potent than castor oil extracted by the application of heat.

Olive Oil and Castor Oil for Face Skin Treatment

A skin treatment using both best organic castor oil and olive oil is highly recommended to improve the results produced by the application of castor oil.

Olive oil gives a synergistic effect to the advantages of castor oil. Olive oil holds moisturizing properties which make skin soft, smooth and radiant.

Olive oil is also used to dilute castor oil and make the application process easy.

  • Take a small equal quantity of olive oil and castor oil
  • Mix them to form a homogenous mixture
  • Apply gently in a small circular motion
  • Massage the oil mixture into your skin
  • Wash off after some time or keep over nightly

More About Castor Oil for Face


Castor oil application keeps skin moisturized and hydrated. This reduces the rate at which skin develops signs of aging.


The cleaning properties of the oil unclog clogged pores and clean skin deeply. It kills harmful bacteria and reduces the development of acne.


The regular application of the oil gives strength to the skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.


Castor oil can be mixed with other essential oils to make application easy and give better results.

Castor Oil for Face Pigmentation

Castor oil for skin has anti-pigmentation properties which help to reduce face pigmentation’s. The essential fatty acids present in the oil help to reduce skin pigmentation.

The fatty acids pierce the dead scar tissues of the skin and push the pigmentation out. They also promote the growth of healthy skin cells which replace the dead skin cells.

Massaging castor oil twice in a day helps to treat the issues of skin pigmentation and gives you clean and clear skin.