Castor Oil

High-quality Castor Oil works to improve hair growth and makes hair strong to reduce hair fall. Castor oil also treats dry and frizzy hairs.

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Castor oil is very effective for hair growth. The oil helps improve the natural growth cycle of healthy hair. When castor oil is massaged into the scalp and hair roots, the oil seeps into the innermost skin layer and starts repair process from there.

Massaging the organic castor oil also improves the blood circulation of the scalp which ensures the transfer of sufficient nutrients to the hair roots which makes hair roots strong and enhance the regrowth of hair.

When all the damage in the scalp has been repaired, and it is appropriately nourished with sufficient nutrients, the hair growth gets impacted positively.

Castor Oil Benefits for Hair

Good quality castor oil helps hair and scalp in the following way:

  • It treats the underlying cause of dandruff and strengthens roots
  • Scalp infections make hair weak, and castor oil kills all infection-causing bacteria
  • Increases the building protein in hair strands to decrease hair breakage
  • Heals scalp damage and improves the natural growth cycle of hair
  • Locks moisture in dry hair and makes them soft and smooth.
  • Hydrates frizzy hair to reduce frizz and makes them manageable.

How does Castor Oil for Hair Regrowth Work?

Castor oil is composed of potent ingredients that perform multiple functions when applied to the hair and scalp. The oil is rich in essential fatty acids, omega 3 and 9, and the most important component, Ricinoleic Acid.

Ricinoleic acid has a variety of functions. It improves blood circulation for better nourishment of hair. It also acts as a pH balancer for the scalp. When the pH of the scalp is balanced, the scalp does not produce excess oils and sebum and keeps the natural oils barrier intact.

When the scalp does not produce excess oils, the hairdo not weakens, and the natural oil barrier keeps the scalp protected from harmful chemicals present in hair products, dirt and infection-causing bacteria.

The best castor oil holds a large number of antioxidants that neutralize any harmful free radicle species in the scalp and protect the scalp from getting damaged. It also works on keratin proteins of hair and nourishes them to make hair strong and reduce hair fall.

The essential fatty acids and omega 3 and 9 moisturize hair from roots to the tip making them soft and smooth while the humectant agents present in the oil lock moisture inside the hair and scalp cells to keep hair and scalp hydrated.

When the moisture gets locked in, the hair and scalp do not lose moisture and do not get dehydrated. Hydrated hair does not break easily, stay soft, smooth and are easily managed.

Is Castor Oil Safe for Hair?

Castor is very safe for application of hair. It does not cause any harmful effects and does not damage hair.

Which Castor Oil is Best for Hair Growth?

The best castor oil for hair is a cold-pressed, hexane free organic castor oil. Cold-pressed castor oil has all its chemical components intact and produces the most benefits when applied regularly.

Hexane free castor oil is free of any harmful chemicals such as artificial fragrances. With no harmful additives in the oil, the oil is safe for application. It does not cause any hypersensitivities to the scalp and is compatible with all scalp and hair type.

All natural castor oil for hair is the best oil to improve the health and growth of hair.

More About Castor Oil for Hair


Castor oil for hair directly acts on keratin protein of hair and strengthens hair strands to reduce hair loss.
Strengthen hair strands also lessens hair breakage which results from weak and undernourished hair.


Regular application of the oil treats and heals all infections in the scalp.
The infections damage the natural growth of hair, castor oil repairs the damage and improves the hair growth.


With improved hair growth and reduction in hair fall, hair become long and voluminous quickly.
A visible change can be seen in two to three weeks in the appearance of hair.


Castor oil heals the already done damage and creates a protective shield over the scalp and hair to keep them protected from dust, chemicals and infection-causing bacteria.

How to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Best organic castor oil for hair growth can be applied alone or can be applied in combination with other oils. It is commonly recommended to apply the oil in combination with other essential oils for two reasons:


Castor oil is thick, so other oils help to dilute it and make the application process easy.


Adding essential oils gives more and enhanced benefits.

Proper application is significant to achieve maximum benefits from the oils.


Use the oil alone or mix in equal quantities with an essential oil such as coconut oil or olive oil.


In case of a mixture of oils, mix the oils properly to make a homogeneous mixture.


Start applying the oil or mixture of oils with your fingertips. Move from the roots to the tips.


Massage the oil gently into your hair with your fingertips in small circular motion.


Massage the oil gently into your hair with your fingertips in small circular motion.


Wash it off the next morning with your regular shampoo.