Castor Oil

USDA certified good quality natural castor oil is an effective home remedy for the treatment of joint pains and arthritis.

Castor Oil For Joint Pain

Potent anti-inflammatory properties of the oil make it an effective natural treatment for severe joint pains. Joint pains are a common and initial symptom of arthritis.

The analgesic properties of the organic castor oil soothe joint pains while the anti-inflammatory components of the oil stimulate the immune system of the body to produce antibodies that can fight inflammations of the joints and heal the cause of the pain.
When the oil is massaged onto the joints, the oil quickly gets absorbed into the tissues of the joints and relieves the joint pains and all related symptoms of joint pains and arthritis.

How To Use Castor Oil For Joint Pain?

Massaging the castor oil onto the joints is a quick way to achieve positive results.

  • Slightly warm castor oil massage the affected aching area with the castor oil until all the oil gets absorbed into the skin tissues.
  • Placing a hot water bottle or pack over the paining area can also quickly soothe the pain.
  • Repeat the process at least twice a week to treat the joint pains quickly.

How To Use Castor Oil For Arthritis?

Arthritis is a severe form of joint pains. The inflammation of joints gets severe in case of arthritis which is why it requires special treatment.

  • Soak a soft washcloth or cotton ball in castor oil overnight.
  • Squeeze out the excess oil from the washcloth or cotton ball.
  • Place the cloth on the affected area and place a heating pad over the washcloth or cotton ball.
  • Keep this on for an hour or more
  • Repeat daily to relieve the symptoms of arthritis quickly
  • Once the pain is relieved, repeat the procedure fortnightly to avoid the problem from occurring again.

Is Castor Oil Good For Joint Pain?

Castor oil application is a natural alternative to a large number of medications to treat joint pains and arthritis.

Best organic castor oil is composed of natural components which boost the natural systems of the body and treat inflammation and pains. Regularly massaging the oil onto the affected area helps to soothe pains permanently.

How Does Castor Oil For Joint Pain Works?

Castor oil increases the lymphocyte production in the body in about 24 hours. This increase in lymphocytes increase the cell-mediated immunity of the body and helps to fight off inflammation.

The lymphocytes produce antibodies which are essential for the defense of the body against inflammation and infection causing micro-organisms and toxic wastes.

The lymphocytes produced as a result of castor oil application kills all the bacteria and viruses. Castor oil application improves the healing of the skin tissues.

Castor oil produces both a cooling and warming effect. The analgesic components of the oil help to relieve pain and create a soothing feeling whereas the warming effect helps to heal the damage done to the tissues of the joints and removes inflammation.

Both of these effects help to cure joint pains and arthritis effectively.

More About Castor Oil For Joint Pain


Pains are associated with inflammation and injury of tissues in joints, castor oil helps to treat all inflammations and heal the injuries caused as a result.


Regular application of castor oil provides long term and permanent treatment of joint pains and arthritis. The tissue damage is healed from the cellular level to produce potent results.


Castor oil application serves as a potent and effective alternative to medications for the treatment of joint pains and arthritis. It has no side effects associated with it so no harm would come during the treatment.


The analgesic components of castor oil help to immediately soothe severe joint pains. That provides the person with instant relief from pain and irritation.

How To Make A Castor Oil Pack For Joint Pains?

The Things You Require:


Natural and organic castor oil


Hot water bottle


Cling film or any plastic sheet


Cotton wool to cover the affected area properly


A towel

The Procedure:


Take the cotton wool and soak in lukewarm water


Pour castor oil on it but not an excess of it


Place the cotton wool on the affected area making sure that the entire area is adequately covered.

The best organic castor oil pack will provide a long and permanent relief from the problem.