Castor Oil

Top quality cold pressed castor oil serves as an effective natural treatment for health issues. It also improves the condition of hair, eyelashes, and skin.

What is Cold Pressed Castor Oil?

Castor oil extracted from castor beans by applying pressure on the beans is known as cold pressed castor oil. Castor oil beans are 50%-60% full of oil rich in various essential nutrients.

When mechanical pressure is applied to the beans, they start to squeeze out oil. The oil extraction process involves no heat or chemical aid. The simple mechanical pressing of the oil from the organic castor oil seeds keeps the oil enriched with essential nutrients such as essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.

The Difference Between Cold Pressed Castor Oil and Synthetic Castor Oil

Synthetic castor oil is extracted with the help of various solvents and chemicals, but the chemicals leave impurities in the final product. The impurities reduce the purity and effectiveness of the oil.

The chemical or heat method of extraction is quick, easy and cheap but reduces the benefits of the oils as it destroys the chemical structure of components of castor oil.

Many manufacturers use heat, chemicals or multiple pressings to extract castor oil from their seeds. The heat and chemicals disrupt the chemical structure of the components of the oil, and the oil does not produce its benefits.

The oil produced is of inferior quality and cannot be used as a supplement and cannot be applied to skin, hair, and eyelashes.

Advantages of Using Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Cold pressed castor oil is considered a top choice if the oil has to be employed as a supplement in your diet. The oil is often referred to as “food-grade” quality, which makes it suitable for intake.

Cold pressed castor oil is considered 100% pure because of its zero chemical and heat exposure.

Virgin Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Virgin cold pressed castor oil is oil obtained from the first pressing of castor oil bean seeds. Virgin oil is considered the castor oil of highest quality and purity.

The reason behind this is that the first extraction of cold pressed castor oil from the beans contains the highest amount of essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.

Maximum health, hair and skin benefits can be obtained by using virgin cold pressed castor oil.

The Functions of 100 Cold Pressed Castor Oil for Body

Cold pressed castor oil gives a variety of benefits when used. It holds a large number of benefits on hair, skin and body organs.

Best organic castor oil has a positive impact on the organs and the natural functions and cycles of the body. The oil can treat a wide range of illnesses and issues effectively and naturally.

Cold pressed castor oil is often employed as a preventive treatment to maintain a healthy body and keep everything balanced and harmonized.

100 Cold Pressed Castor Oil For Skin

Cold pressed castor oil gets absorbed into the skin layers faster than synthetic castor oil. It naturally heals, moisturizes and smoothens the skin surface.

Cold pressed castor oil serves the role of an effective and natural emollient for the skin. When applied, the oil goes into the skin cells and heals skin cells for days. That keeps the skin nourished and healthy.

Cold Pressed Castor Oil For Hair

Cold pressed castor oil application is also recommended for hair. When applied into the hair roots and scalp, castor oil replenishes all the lost essential nutrients.

Hexane free castor oil also promotes the production of collagen proteins that give strength each hair strand which reduces hair breakage. Cold pressed castor oil supplies essential nutrients to the roots which treat the problem of excessive hair loss.

Expeller pressed castor oil nourishes hair strands and makes them soft and smooth. This makes hair tangle-free and easily manageable. Cold pressed castor oil improves the natural growth cycle of hair and makes them long and voluminous.

More About Cold Pressed Castor Oil


Cold pressed castor oil has the ability to cleanse and clear blood vessels which relieves tension and lowers blood pressure.

It also improves blood circulation in vessels.


Castor oil application and intake helps to improve the toxin expulsion system of the body

The oil also gives body extra strength.


Cold pressed castor oil helps fight all infection causing which treats inflammation of skin. The oil also reduces skin swelling and produces a cooling effect when applied to skin.


Cold pressed castor oil when applied to the eyelashes nourishes it and makes them long and thick. It also reduces eyelash fall out caused by weak eyelashes.

Where to Buy Cold Pressed Castor Oil

If you are looking for a castor oil that can treat your hair and skin effectively and resolve health condition issues then cold pressed castor oil is your best choice.

The quality of the castor oil can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, and it is recommended that you do immense online research before choosing any one cold pressed castor oil.