Organic Castor Oil

USDA certified organic castor oil works potently on eyelashes to give increased growth and health. It makes them long, beautiful and thicker with regular application.

Most Popular Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth

Organic castor oil is found to be the best when it comes to seeking a natural remedy for improving the growth of eyelashes. Regular application of the oil has shown visible positive results in eyelashes.

It profoundly nourishes eyelashes and makes them healthier, thicker and longer naturally without any synthetic factor affecting them.

Choose from the Top Organic Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth





Hexane-free USDA certified

Helps makes eyelashes thick and long

Can be used on all eyelash types Easy application with applicator kit

Slight odour

Cold-pressed and 100% natural Suitable for all hair types

Reduces eyelash fall out

Can be used on all types

May not work for some people Has a strong odour

100% pure castor oil expressed with a cold-pressed technique

Nourishes and moisturizes eyelashes

Quick results are seen

Very thick in consistency

Extracted from high quality castor beans

The vitamins and fatty acids deeply nourish eyelashes

Shows results in as soon as one week

Less in quantity

How does the Best Organic Castor Oil for Eyelashes Work?

Best quality cold pressed castor oil is rich with fatty acids. When applied to eyelashes, it nourish them with nutrients that provide them with strength.
Strong eyelashes mean reduced fall out of eyelashes which will then appear thicker and healthier. It also increases their length and makes them beautiful.

Is it Safe to Apply Castor Oil on Your Eyelashes?

Yes, castor oil is safe for application on the eyelashes. Just make sure that you are applying a pure and natural castor oil as synthetic oils have chemicals in them which can adversely affect at times.

How Often Can You Apply Organic Castor Oil to Your Eyelashes?

Apply organic castor oil every single day to achieve positive results. The regular application ensures daily nourishment and quick appearance of long and beautiful eyelashes.

Should Organic Castor Oil be Applied During the Day or Night?

There is no hard and fast rule for the exact time for application of the oil for better results. You can apply it as you feel convenient either day or night.
However, it is highly recommended that you apply the oil during the night. That would give the oil more time to work on your eyelashes and bring out more benefits.

Can Castor Oil Increase Eyelash Fall Out?

No, fall out of eyelashes is a natural process but regular application of the oil reduces fall out of eyelashes.

Regular application of organic castor oil gives eyelashes strength and makes them thick.

The Best Organic Castor Oil For Eyelash Growth

A cold-pressed, hexane-free and natural castor oil works best for eyelashes. Make sure that you apply a castor oil that does not contain chemicals in it as the chemicals might not be suitable.

Castor oil formulated with natural ingredients ensures not only amazing results but also gives a high degree of safety during application.

How to Apply the Best Organic Castor Oil to Your Eyelashes?

Pure castor oil comes with an applicator kit to make it easy for you to apply and ensure that every individual eyelash is being covered with oil.

Follow the following steps for perfect application of the oil.

  • The first step is to make sure that there is no makeup or any other product on your eyelashes.
  • Once you have removed the makeup, take the applicator kit that comes with the oil and take the brush that resembles a mascara wand.
  • Dip it into the oil bottle and drain the excess oil from the wand.
  • Apply the oil moving from the roots of your eyelashes towards the tip.
  • Stroke repeatedly to make sure that each eyelash has been covered with the oil.

The applicator brush helps you apply the oil better while creating no mess during the application process. It also reduces the application of excess oils which diminishes oil wastage and oil seeping on the face.

Once you have applied the oil, wait a few seconds to let the oil dry a bit. It is recommended that you apply the oil at night to give it more time to work on your eyelashes.

More About the Top Organic Castor Oil for Eyelashes


The fatty acids present in the oil supply immense amount of essential nutrients to the eyelashes to fulfill the deficiencies and make them longer.


Regular application of the oil gives natural strength to the eyelashes and has shown a marked reduction in fall out of eyelashes due to weakening.


The oil comes with a specialized applicator kit that helps you in applying the oil efficiently with no wastage or mess.


Organic castor oil is composed with carefully selected natural ingredients that make it highly safe for application on the eyelashes.

Choosing the Best Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth: Organic Over Synthetic!

Organic cold pressed castor oil is gaining massive popularity over synthetic products for eyelash growth. The trend has shifted towards the application of castor oil for making eyelashes thicker and longer.

The reason behind this is that all-natural castor oil has all the benefits stored in it that are often destroyed in synthetic products due to the application of heat and the addition of chemicals. The cold-pressed extraction technique ensures the safety of the chemicals components of the oil, which when applied give the customer all the claimed benefits.

On the other hand, the synthetic enhancing products have artificial enhancers in it that can easily damage the eyelashes when applied.