Organic Castor Oil

USDA certified top quality organic castor oil for hair growth accelerates the normal hair growth cycle and results in longer, thicker and beautiful hair.

Organic Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Organic castor oil is the most effective natural remedy to improve the natural growth of hair. Organic castor oil gets absorbed into the hair roots and scalp quickly and works to make the cells healthy. That produces permanent positive results.

The oil holds components that clean blood vessels and make blood circulation better, improved blood circulation means effective removal of toxins and other waste products which may hinder the growth of hair.
With repairing the damage already done, the oil also supplies sufficient nutrients to the hair strands and hair follicles which fulfill deficiencies and make hair healthy.

Is Organic Castor Oil for Hair Growth Safe?

Research shows that best castor oil is safe for application into the hair and scalp. It is recommended to apply organic castor oil in combination with other essential oils to make the application process easy as castor oil is a thick oil.

Advantages of Organic Castor Oil for Hair Growth

The regular application of organic castor oil nourishes scalp and hair.


The humectant agents of the oil attract moisture from the air and lock them in the hair strands. That tames frizzy hair.


With the accumulation of excess oils, dirt, and sebum, hair roots become week and often lead to the development of scalp infections. The oil washes away all the accumulated waste and cleans the hair follicles.


Dandruff buildup is another significant cause of weakened hair and increased hair fall, organic castor oil treats dandruff production and keeps the scalp clean and clear.


Organic castor oil for hair growth moisturizes hair and makes them soft and smooth.


The growth enhancers of the oil repair the damaged cells and improve the growth of hair naturally.

Organic Castor Oil for Hair Growth Mechanism

Organic castor oil is composed of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and Ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid is responsible for keeping hair healthy and maintaining hair condition.

When best organic castor oil for hair growth is massaged into the scalp and hair roots, it gets absorbed into the innermost layer quickly. There it starts the repair and growth process by improving the blood circulation of the scalp.

Improved and proper blood circulation means that the toxins accumulated in the hair roots and follicles are being removed and sufficient essential nutrients are being supplied to the roots.

Ricinoleic acid also acts as a pH balancer. Disturbed pH levels mean that scalp would produce excessive oils and sebum as a compensatory and defense mechanism. Once the oil balances the pH, no excessive oils and sebum are produced.

When oils are not produced, they do not accumulate and clog hair follicles and do not hinder hair growth or weaken the hair roots.

The antioxidants present in the oil also deactivate all reactive free radicles that form as a result of exposure to UV rays, dirt, and pollution. Free radicle species break the bonds between collagen proteins which causes hair breakage, split ends and severe hair damage.

The hexane free castor oil has strengthening agents added in it which fulfill the deficiencies of the hair building proteins, collagen, and replenish them. Collagen proteins are the precursors of the hair strands and strengthening them prevents hair fall and excessive hair breakage.

More About Organic Castor Oil for Hair Growth


Apart from all the benefits produced by the oil, organic castor oil creates a shield over the hair and scalp. That keeps them safe from bacterial infections, loss of moisture and nutrient depletion.


The strengthening agents of the oil replenish the depleted hair proteins and make hair strong. It also activates the hair follicles to increase the natural growth of hair.


Organic castor oil for hair growth treats the issue of split ends b building the bridges that have broken between the hair protein chains.


Regular application of organic castor oil produced smooth and shiny hair. It also makes hair long and thick by increasing hair growth and decreasing hair damage and hair fall.

Why Prefer Organic Castor Oil for Hair Growth?

Organic castor oil is a natural way of achieving positive results quickly and effectively. The oil treatment is preferred over the invasive techniques that are used to give the same advantages. As invasive procedures have many post-procedure complications.

Organic castor oil for hair growth is also preferred over synthetic hair products that are available in the market as they lead to the development of skin allergies and hypersensitivities.