Organic Castor Oil

Organic cold pressed castor oil is the highest quality of castor oil. It is an effective natural alternative for treating hair, skin, eyelashes and other health-related issues.

What Do We Mean by Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil?

Organic castor oil is obtained from the seeds of castor oil either by pressing or by the use of chemicals that draw the oil out. The use of the pressing technique to extract the oil without the application of heat and the aid of chemicals is known as the cold pressing.

The procedure is simple, the castor oil seeds are pressed under heavyweight, and the oil is squeezed out from the seeds and collected. No heat is used in the process of making it quick to extract the oil.

Neither are any chemicals used that can attract the oil quickly from the seeds.

Why Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil is Better

Organic castor oil is composed of essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, and Ricinoleic acid. All these components have an advanced chemical structure that is responsible for the production of specific functions.

Applying heat during the extraction can damage the chemical structures of the components, resulting in them losing their ability to benefits skin, hair and health when applied. The deactivated structures of the chemical components of the oil mean that no effect would be produced when it is applied.

The chemicals used in the extraction process of the oil leave residue in the oil which, when used, produces undesirable effects. These adverse effects can cause severe allergies when applied to the skin owing to their aggressive nature.
The oil extracted by the help of heat or chemicals does not have the same level of purity and effectiveness as cold pressed oil, so it is why it is better to use organic cold pressed castor oil.

Benefits of Organic Cold Pressed Hexane Free Castor Oil

The biggest advantage of organic cold pressed hexane free castor oil is that it is 100% pure which makes it safe and appropriate for oral intake. You can take this oil to treat body function and organs issues but only under the recommendation of a doctor.

Cold pressed castor oil has the most amount of nutrients in it and produces the most benefits when applied.

With no possibilities of hypersensitivities and a maximum number of benefits, organic cold pressed hexane free castor oil is your right choice.

Organic Castor Oil Hexane Free Cold Pressed for Skin

The pure form of castor oil gets absorbed into the skin much faster than the synthetic form. It repairs the skin from the initial cellular level which produces long-lasting permanent results.

The essential fatty acids in the oil help to nourish and moisturize skin. They make skin soft and make skin texture smooth.

The Ricinoleic acid helps to hydrate and heal skin proteins which treat dehydrated and wounded skin. Organic cold pressed castor oil is also effective in healing wounds and bruises quickly. They increase the production of healthy skin cells to replace the old, damaged cells.

Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil for Body and Hair

Due to its high standards of quality, organic castor oil is taken to make body functions better. It shows positive results on organs and improves their function. It works as a potent laxative and treats many digestive issues.

Organic cold pressed castor oil is also used to keep the body safe from any future infection as the oil kills all bacteria and creates a protective barrier for any further invasions.

Organic castor oil also boosts the immune system of the body by increasing the production of immune cells. This helps the body in fighting diseases.

When organic castor oil for hair is applied to the hair it increases the natural growth cycle of the hair making them long quickly. It also reduces hair breakage and hair fall which results in voluminous hair.

Organic cold pressed castor oil also cleans scalp and treats scalp infections. A clean and infection free scalp means increased production of healthy hair.

More About Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil


The techniques used for the extraction of organic castor oil ensure that no unwanted materials are added into it and the oil is 100% pure.


Organic cold pressed castor oil holds the most amount of nutrients which works to produce highly effective results in short time with regular application.


The oil holds anti-inflammatory properties that work to kill all infection causing bacteria in the skin. Organic castor oil also creates a protective barrier to prevent future infections.


Organic cold pressed castor oil helps keep hair manageable and tangle free. It improves hair texture and increases the natural growth by twice the normal rate.

Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil for Eyes

As pure cold pressed castor oil is extremely pure it is safe for application into the eye to treat various eye issues. It is used to hydrate dehydrated eyes and produce a calming effect in the eyes.

It is often employed to treat various infections of eyes as the oil potently kills bacteria and prevents future invasions. But keep in mind that you should only use the specified quantity to avoid any unwanted effects.