USDA certified pure castor oil could help you rejuvenate your skin, hair, eyelashes, and health condition. Application of natural castor oil regularly will give you effective results quickly.

What is Pure Castor Oil?

Pure castor oil is a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of castor beans by specialized techniques known as cold extraction.

Cold extraction produces the highest quality of pure castor oil which gives immense benefits when applied regularly. Organic castor oil is often referred to the oil that is obtained from the first mechanical pressing of castor bean seeds. It has the highest amount of nutrients in it and has proven to give the most benefits to skin, hair, eyelashes, and body.

Pure castor oil does not contain any harmful synthetic additives in it neither any chemical is used in the extraction process of the pure castor oil. Using chemicals to extract the oil also adds numerous harmful components in the oil which results in the production of adverse effects.

Pure Castor Oil Benefits

Pure castor oil has a positive, effective impact upon regular application. It also provides benefits to body organs and systems when ingested.

1. A Potent Natural Laxative

Pure castor oil is considered one of the most effective natural laxatives. It works as a stimulant laxative which effects the intestine movement and functions as a laxative.

When pure castor oil is ingested, it gets degraded into Ricinoleic acid which is the main component of the oil. Ricinoleic acid gets absorbed into the intestine and exerts a laxative effect.

However, it is important to carefully take the correct amount of castor oil as high quantities of oil can produce unwanted effects.

2. Naturally Moisturizes Adequately

Pure castor oil holds a large amount of mono-saturated fatty acids which not only moisturize the skin but also lock in moisture to keep it hydrated. The hydrating property of pure castor oil makes it an integral part of most cosmetic and makeup products.

Pure castor oil is a natural alternative to manufactured moisturizers. The most significant advantage of applying pure castor oil as a moisturizer is that your skin stays safe from excessive exposure to harmful additive chemicals.

It is often recommended to apply pure castor oil in combination with other essential oils such as almond oil or coconut oil. That will not only make the application of pure castor oil easy but also give more benefits.

3. Quickly Heals Wounds

The hydrating ability of pure castor oil also promotes natural healing of wounds. The oil provides a suitable environment for the healing of wounds and cuts and supports the natural growth of tissues which accelerates the healing process.

The oil also creates a safe barrier for the wound from the environmental pollutants to protect the development of any infection.

Is Pure Castor Oil for Hair Safe?

Yes, best organic castor oil for hair is safe for application on hair and scalp. All natural castor oil does not hold any irritation causing agent in it, so it does not cause hypersensitivities or allergies when applied to the scalp and hair.

Pure Castor Oil for Hair

Pure castor oil helps to improve hair health, scalp and hair nutrition and scalp health. Pure castor oil for hair is considered as an ideal natural solution to hair and scalp issues.

1. Help Reduce Hair Loss

Pure oil when applied into the scalp gets broken down into Ricinoleic acid and enhances the blood circulation of the scalp. Better blood circulation transfers
essential nutrients to the scalp and improves the condition of hair follicles.

2. Protection Against Future Scalp and Hair Infections

Application of the oil helps to create a protective barrier against microbes while killing the existing bacteria.

That saves the scalp and hair from any future infections.

3. Promotes Hair Growth Naturally

Pure cold pressed castor oil repairs the damage done to the natural hair growth cycle and accelerates the natural growth of healthy hair.

That helps to make hair thick and long.

More About Pure Castor Oil


Pure castor oil is considered of the highest quality with a large amount of nutrients in it.
With zero additives, pure natural castor oil will naturally heal all damage and supply essential nutrients.


Pure castor oil exfoliates skin and removes the layers of accumulated dead skin cells.
That allows the skin to breathe and promotes the growth of new skin cells to keep skin fresh and healthy.


Pure castor oil with its anti-fungal properties can help treat fungal infections of mouth.
It also soothes the pain caused by dental and infection issues in the mouth due to its analgesic properties.


Pure castor oil for hair improves the natural color of hair.
It supplied the hair strands with essential fatty acids which repair the faded color of hair and makes it dark naturally.

How to Use Pure Castor Oil for Hair

  • Take pure castor oil in your palms and start applying all through the hair from the roots to the tips.
  • Massage it into the scalp in small circular motions to improve absorption of oil.
  • Leave it in the hair for 45-60 minutes to let the oil do its work.
  • Owing to the thick density of the oil, you need to apply a conditioner to your hair before washing out the oil as it would make it easier to wash off oil.
  • Once all the oil is washed, dry hair with a towel.

Avoid applying heat to your hair immediately after the oil treatment as it can cause damage to the hair.