Castor Oil

A certified organic castor oil that meets all the standards of purity and quality. Formulated using only high-quality natural ingredients.

usda organic castor oil

What Do You Mean By USDA Organic Castor Oil?

USDA organic castor oil means that the castor oil is formulated following all the guidelines of purity and quality that have been set as a standard. The authority of USDA certifies the organic castor oil as a high-quality product that can be consumed and used by people.

The Advantages of Using USDA Organic Castor Oil

USDA organic castor oil has a lot of advantages when applied to the skin, hair, and eyelashes. It works to improve the overall health of the body.

1. USDA Organic Castor Oil For Hair:

When the certified organic castor oil is applied to the hair, it helps to improve the texture of the hair. The moisturizing agents of the oil make the hair texture better and make hair soft and smooth.

The USDA organic castor oil also supplies an ample amount of nutrients to the hair shafts and makes them healthy from the inside.

Massaging the pure certified organic castor oil into the scalp can improve hair growth and result in the fast growth of healthy hair.

The natural building proteins present in the USDA organic castor oil repair the protein bonds that are broken with hair and give them strength. A visible reduction in seen in hair fall and hair breakage when certified organic castor oil is applied to them regularly.

2. Certified Organic Castor Oil For Skin:

The natural components of the USDA organic castor oil make it highly suitable for application on the skin. The oil penetrates the skin pores and expels out all the stuck toxins and bacteria that cause skin damage.

The certified organic castor oil also penetrates through the dead scarred tissues, break them into tiny pieces and replace them with healthy and new skin cells. That lightens the scars on the skin and makes skin clearer.

Regularly massaging USDA organic castor oil into the skin helps enhances the natural growth of skin cells and improves the skin health condition.

3. USDA Organic Castor Oil For Body

USDA organic castor oil is 100% pure and suitable for oral intake. The oil has a positive impact on many organs of the body and improves its function.

Pure certified organic castor oil helps improve the digestion process of the body by having a big positive effect on the digestion system of the body.

4. Certified Organic Castor Oil For Eyelashes

Treating your eyelashes with USDA certified organic castor oil will make them thick and long naturally. The oil cleans the hair follicles of the eyelashes and improves their healthy natural growth.

The USDA organic castor oil strengthens the eyelashes and reduces the fallout and breakage of eyelashes, making them appear thick.

The Importance of a Certified Organic Castor Oil

Organic castor oil that is approved by the authorities and fulfills all the standards of quality is deemed to be an extremely pure oil.

The oil is considered as a food grade oil which can be taken in food. Food grade organic castor oil is composed of all natural ingredients which make it suitable for ingestion.

The pure certified organic castor oil is also safe for application on the skin as the natural ingredients do not cause any hypersensitivity or allergic reaction when applied.

It is important that you only choose USDA organic castor oil to avoid any unwanted adverse effects that can harm your skin or body.

certified organic castor oil

More About USDA Organic Castor Oil


The USDA organic castor oil meets the highest standards of quality and purity which is why it is approved by the authorities.


It is made sure during the production of certified organic castor oil that all ingredients used are of natural origin and of the highest quality.


No synthetic chemicals are used in formulating the certified castor oil. No heat is used in the production of the oil to maintain quality and purity.


The natural nature of the USDA organic castor oil make it compatible with all skin and hair type. It is also safe for oral intake.

Which is The Best USDA Organic Castor Oil

Herbiar Organic Castor Oil is the best USDA organic castor oil. The oil fulfills all the standards set by the authority and is approved to be of the highest quality and purity.

The ingredients and processes used in the formulation of the organic castor oil all comply with the set standards, and it is made sure that you get full value for the money you pay!