Face scrub for all skin types
Face scrub that unclog pores
Herbal face scrub for oily skin
Exfoliating face scrub for oily skin

Exfoliating Face Scrub - Face Scrub for All Skin Types

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  • Exfoliating face scrub
  • Eliminates dead skin cells and makes skin soft and smooth
  • Unclogs pores and cleanses skin deeply
  • Long lasting fresh, ageless look
  • Best exfoliator for dry skin as well as oily skin

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Product Description

About This Product

This natural exfoliating face scrub is made of an impressive list of ingredients that are combined together with our advanced formula. The formula enhances the potency of the ingredients and makes this face scrub one of the best exfoliators for dry skin in the market. Its balanced ingredients also make it just as effective for oily skin and other, less extreme skin types.

  • REMOVES DEAD SKIN LAYERS: This face scrub is an advanced exfoliator that effectively washes away the top layers of the skin containing dead, useless skin cells, refreshing the skin immediately.
  • REVITALIZES SKIN TEXTURE: The exfoliating effect helps revives the freshness in your skin and the smooth, natural texture of healthy, moisturized skin, making you look young and full of life.
  • UNCLOGS BLOCKED PORES: The deep cleansing ingredients in this nourishing face scrub clear out your clogged pores and allow deep cleaning.
  • MAKES SKIN SOFT: The overall impact of the exfoliating face scrub makes your skin younger, fresh, soft, and smooth.

Unclog Skin Pores Like Never Before

Without regular exfoliating, the layers of dead cells form a crust over healthy skin and block out the pores with unremoved dirt inside. This highly effective face scrub removes these dead cells, unclogging your skin pores in the process. Then the deep cleansing ingredients wash out the pores and make your skin look young and healthy, while making it glow.

Remove Toxins From the Skin

This face scrub is also made to give your skin a complete detox. The antioxidants in the formula enable our exfoliating face scrub to wash out harmful toxins clinging to the skin. This boosts the skin’s health, moisturizes it better, and make your face radiant with a lasting soft and smooth texture.

How to Apply

How To Use

Apply gently after washing the face with soap and spread the scrub all over your facial skin. Avoid applying it on cracked of flaked skin so it does not cause any inflammation. In case you mistakenly pour the scrub into your eyes, wash it off immediately and see a physician if symptoms emerge.

Give your facial skin a smooth texture and a fresh top layer. Order our face scrub today.



The natural ingredients of the product help to nourish your lips, keeping them soft, smooth and hydrated. The moisture locking ingredients incorporated in the product make sure that your lips are hydrated and do not get chapped during the long hours of the day.

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