The best long lasting lipstick creates a fantastic makeup look that is long-lasting and does not require refreshing and touchups.

Why is the Best Long-Lasting Lipstick So Popular?

Everyone wants a lipstick that can last for hours and does not fade away after some time. That would save the trouble of reapplying the lipstick again and again after some time.

The best long-lasting lipstick also has smudge-proof components added in it which make safe for application. The color pigment does not transfer onto anything that your lips touch.

Tricks to Make the Best Long Lasting Lipstick Stay on During The Day

1. Pick A Dark Shade That Suits The Daytime Too
The lighter the shade of your lipstick, the more are the chances of it wearing out during day and fading away.
Bright and vibrant colors will stay on for longer due to their high pigment ratio. The high ratio of color pigment keeps stuck to the lips and does not lighten over the course of hours.

2. Condition and Moisturize Your Lips
Lipstick application can make lips dry and dehydrated. That results in chapped lips which cause the best long lasting lipstick to flake off.
So, apply lip balms and other natural moisturizers on your lips to keep them soft and hydrated to make the lipstick application easy and long lasting.

3. Add A Coat of Lip Liner
Applying a light coat of a lipstick liner that matches with the color of your best long lasting lipstick will help keep it stuck to your lips.
The lip liner acts as an effective primer as lip liners have waxes incorporated into them. The lip liners help in applying a uniform coat of the best long lasting lipstick.

4. Blot Using A Tissue Between Layers
When you are done applying a coat of the best long lasting lipstick, take a tissue paper and blot the lips lightly before the application of the next layer of the best long lasting lipstick.
The blotting of the lips clears off any oil from the first application that can hinder the proper application of the next layer.

5. Lightly Dust Loose Powder Over The Lipstick Applied on The Lips
Dust a small amount of loose transparent powder over the applied lipstick to absorb all moisture from the lipstick and prevent smudging of lipstick.

How Can We Maintain The Look Of The Best Long Lasting Lipstick?

Make it a habit to dab tissue onto your lips after the application of the best long lasting lipstick. Once you have done that, take a piece of tissue paper and place it over your lips.

Press a small amount of transparent loose powder onto the lips to make the lipstick matte and stick it to the lips.

The loose powder absorbs any moisture present in the best long lasting lipstick and makes it stick better to the lips.

Some of the Best Long Lasting Lipstick


The Herbiar lipstick is the best long lasting lipstick which stays fresh on the lips during the long stressful hours of the day.


The lipstick is a long wearing lipstick which is easy to apply and gives full coverage. The formula is non-drying and has vitamin E.


The lipstick has a long lasting effect can feels comfortable on the lips. The lipstick is free of harmful chemicals such as parabens. Reduces flaking.


A very lightweight formula that is available in intensely pigmented shades. Specially designed applicator and has a non-drying formula.

The Best Long Lasting Lipstick Between A Liquid and Solid Lipstick

The perfect lipstick that is considered between a liquid and a solid lipstick is definitely a liquid lipstick.Liquid lipsticks dry off to a matte finish, and they stay on the lips for a much longer time as compared to a solid lipstick. Solid lipsticks often smudge and wear off after some time.

Solid lipsticks often smudge and wear off after some time.