The best natural lipstick is composed of all natural ingredients that keep lips nourished and conditioned. The natural lipsticks help create a natural makeup look.

What is the Best Natural Lipstick?

The best natural lipstick is a lipstick composed of only high-quality natural ingredients that keep lips nourished and protected against the harmful chemicals and harsh environmental factors.

The best lipstick has perfect everyday shades that can be worn on a regular basis to school and work.

The Composition of the Best Natural Lipstick

The best natural lipstick is composed of only natural and organic ingredients to make sure that a high level of purity and quality is maintained.

The shift of trend towards the best natural lipstick has forced manufacturers to choose only the highest quality of ingredients in the formula.

1. Natural Waxes:
Waxes formulate the base of the best natural lipsticks. All the waxes used in the best natural lipstick are obtained from natural sources and do not contain any synthetic components.

2. Natural Essential Oils:
Essential oils are an integral part of the best moisturizing lipstick formula. The essential oils are responsible for the shine and glossiness that comes to the lips after the application of the lipstick.
Another important role played by the essential oils is supplying a sufficient amount of essential nutrients to the lips which keep lips hydrated, moisturized and nourished.
The essential oils used in the best natural lipstick are strictly extracted from 100% natural sources using no artificial component to the aid of the extraction process. Even the extraction process is chosen to be the cold-pressed process to make sure that the chemical components of the oils are safe.
If the essential oils are subjected to heat during the extraction process, they lose the integrity of the chemical structures and provide no benefits when applied.

3. Natural Coloring Agents:

The main part of the best natural lipstick is its natural coloring agents. The coloring agents are used in high quantities to give the desired color to the lips when applied.
The best natural looking lipstick colors is formulated using only high-quality natural colors to make sure that only the best reaches the lips.
The colors are all derived from entirely natural sources which are mainly plants and have not been in contact with any additive.

4. Natural Binding Agents

Every lipstick has added binding agents that keep all the components of the lipstick stick together. The ones used in the best natural lipstick are natural with no artificial chemicals.

The Best Natural Looking Lipstick Shades

The best natural looking lipstick shades include lipstick shades that have a natural pink or brown tone. The natural pink and brown tone keeps the lipstick natural looking.

The best natural looking lipstick has a satin or light gloss finish to it which makes it easily wearable on a daily basis without attracting too much attention.

Some of the Best Natural Lipsticks


It is one of the best natural lipsticks that keep lips hydrated and nourished while giving them a beautiful color. Composed with only high quality natural ingredients.


Considered as one of the most organic brands in lipsticks. The lipstick does not contain any harmful additives and keeps lips moisturized similar to a lip balm.


All the ingredients used in the formulation of this lipstick are USDA certified. Has shades in warm hue which can help you create very natural lipstick makeup looks.


Is a 100% cruelty-free brand that has a wide range of shades to help create new makeup looks. The lipstick has added healing agents that keep lips nourished and soft.

Which Harmful Ingredients are Avoided in the Best Natural Lipstick?

Apart from all additive and synthetic chemicals, two ingredients should always be avoided in the best natural lipsticks.

  • Parabens: they cause the normal cells to change into cancerous cells and can damage the skin cells.
  • Phthalates: they are disruptive chemicals that disrupt the natural barriers of the lips and skin.