The best red lipstick is considered a must-have in everyone’s makeup collection whether you like wearing red or not.

The Best Red Lipstick

The best red lipsticks come in a variety of different shades which make it easier for everyone to choose a shade. The various undertones of the best lipstick make it work with warm, cool and neutral undertones without a problem.

The wide spectrum of colors available in the best red lipstick makes it easier for people with every skin tone to choose a color that works best for them.
So, if you are a fair skin tone person or a dark skin tone person, the best red lipstick has it all covered for you.

Why Wear The Best Red Lipstick?

The best red lipstick is that one color in the lipstick colors that can work both on a subtle and on a vibrant scale. You need to know the right shade for the right
occasion and the shade that suits you best.

The best red lipstick can make any outfit standout and can call attention no matter how little effort you put in your makeup. Just swipe on the best red lipstick, and you are good to go.

Easy Tips For Wearing The Best Red Lipstick Perfectly

1. Consider The Time You Are Wearing The Best Red Lipstick
Always pick a soft undertone red natural lipstick if you are going outdoors. When going out for night outs, you can choose the bold and vibrant best red lipstick.

2. Avoid Applying Deep Dark Reds on Thin Lips
The deep dark reds make lips appear thinner and smaller when applied on already thin lips.

3. Apply Intense Shades If You Have Naturally Dark Coloring
With dark hair, dark eyes and a fair skin tone experiment using intense shades to make them pop out.

4. Do Not Apply Dark Eye Shadows With The Best Red Lipstick
A natural eye-shade color with a little bit of mascara is more than enough to make the dark lipstick stand out.

5. Apply The Lipstick Precisely
The most important rule of the best red lipstick is never to apply it casually and in a messy manner. Use a brush or a precisely designed applicator to make sure that you draw the perfect lip shape with the best red lipstick.

Which Makeup To Wear With The Red Best Lipstick?

It is always recommended to wear a very subtle makeup look when you plan on wearing the best red lipstick. Light colored to neutral colored eyeshades and a natural looking blush works best with the best red lipstick.

Anything dark will make the entire makeup look too much to handle. So, make sure that you wear neutral and natural makeup to make the best red lipstick stand out.

Some of the Best Red Lipsticks


The Herbiar Click Stick Lip Pen is the best red lipstick which gives a long lasting color without smudging or bleeding onto the face.


Has a wide range of colors to choose from and suits a variety of skin tones. Has a vibrant red color for cool and warm skin tones.


Gives off a semi-matte finish after application that does not require any lip gloss application. Has a classic blue undertone.


Has a less vibrant red color to it and comes under the cool undertone lipsticks. The more layers you add on your lips, the shinier it becomes.

How To Prevent The Best Red Lipstick From Bleeding or Smudging?

The best tip is to apply a small amount of concealer around your lips once you have applied the best red matte lipstick.. The concealer keeps the color pigment in place and prevents bleeding.

Also, make it a habit to remove extra lipstick with your finger.