Chocolate brown lipstick is one of those intense. Rich and vibrant lip colors which can enhance any makeup look, if worn correctly and neatly.

Dark Chocolate lipstick

The chocolate lipstick or dark chocolate lipstick is present in a wide color spectrum which makes it easier for different people to choose from. The variety of shade ranges make it fun to choose and experiment with to create different makeup looks.

It is considered as one of the most trending lipstick shades and has shades for both everyday regular wear to special occasion colors.

Chocolate Lipstick as a Style Staple

A common belief was that color like chocolate brown are specific to winters or fall only, but no!

Chocolate brown lipstick is considered as style staple and create a mesmerizing makeup look that is bound to catch attraction.

Tips and Tricks for Chocolate Brown Lipstick

1. Always Use The Same Shade Lip Liner

Make sure that you line your lips with a color that is similar to the color of your chocolate lipstick. Blend the lip liner shade into the lipstick shade to create a defined and perfect lip shape.
Make sure that the lip liner matches the lipstick shade so that it does not look odd when applied with the chocolate lipstick.

2. Always Start Applying The Lipstick from the middle of the Lips

Make it a practice that you apply the best long lasting lipstick from the center of your lips and work your way towards the outside corners.
The helps in uniform application of the lipstick and makes it easier to blend with the lip liner.

3. Mix to Different Lipstick Shades

Another way you can make chocolate matte lipstick wearable for day time is by mixing it with a different colored lipstick which will bring its intensity a notch down and create a perfect subtle shade.
The best lipstick color to use with chocolate brown lipstick is a natural pink. When the two colors are mixed, it creates a perfect soft makeup look.

4. Softly Dab A Small Amount of Lipstick

Take a small amount of your chocolate brown lipstick and dab it lightly onto your lips. That way, less quantity of the lipstick is applied onto the lips, and it creates a perfect sublet day time makeup look.

The Right Way to Wear Chocolate Lipstick

If you pair your chocolate brown dark lipstick with a gold eye-shade and a heavy amount of highlighter, you can create a wonderful evening look.

You can also make it wearable for the day by wearing it with a brown eyeliner that is smudged a little to create a more natural look.

The Best Chocolate Matte Lipsticks for You


Gives you a rich chocolate brown matte lipstick shade that stays on for a long time and requires no reapplication. The nourishing agents of the lipstick keep lips moisturized and hydrated throughout the application.


A subtle brown shade of lipstick that does not appear too strong or too vibrant. The lipstick has a long staying power and does not bleed onto the face. Has high amounts of hydrating agents to keep lips hydrated.


A very subtle everyday wearing color that can be balanced easily with any vibrant eyeshade. The lipstick has a gold undertone which gives it a nice finish. The long-lasting formula of the lipstick can keep the lipstick fresh for upto 3 hours.


A lipstick which can be work as an everyday lipstick and can be layered to bring an extreme, vibrant, and rich color. The lipstick formula is easy to apply and applied uniformly onto the lips.

Applying your Chocolate Brown Lipstick Perfectly

  • Always remember that for dark shades you need to scrub your lips to remove any dead skin and make the lips surface smooth and even.
  • Always apply a lip primer to prevent the lipstick pigment from spreading around the corners of the lips.
  • Apply a lipstick liner of a similar shade and make sure that it matches.
  • Start applying your lipstick from the center of your lips towards the outside.
  • Blend the lipstick and the lip liner.
  • Apply translucent powder to make the lipstick long-lasting.