Best mascara to fulfill your needs and help to create a flawless look naturally. Find what best suits your needs and save your time and money.

What is the Best Mascara?

The best mascara helps you create a perfect eyelash look naturally and hassle-free. The characteristics of a good mascara include:

  • They are composed of all natural components
  • Are long lasting and do not fade away with time
  • Do not flake or smudge
  • Easy to apply and easy to wash
  • The wand is designed to make the application process easy and quick
  • They are hypoallergic and do not cause irritation or burning when applied
  • A single stroke is sufficient for a daily makeup look due to its dark natural color pigment

Is the Best Mascara Safe for Eyes and Eyelashes?

Yes, the best mascara is always composed of natural ingredients which makes it completely safe for eyes and eyelashes.

The absence of synthetic chemicals protects eyelashes from any adverse effect or the sensation of burning, itching or discomfort.

Advantages of Using Best Mascara

The most significant benefit of best mascara for eyelashes is that it does not damage or dehydrate eyelashes. The regular synthetic mascaras are composed of hard chemicals which pull moisture out from the eyelashes and make them dehydrated.
Dry and dehydrated eyelashes become brittle and break easily. Best mascara keeps eyelashes moist and hydrated. It gives the eyelashes flexibility to move and prevents the breakage of eyelashes.

Synthetic chemical mascara weakens eyelashes from the roots. That is why eyelashes become thin and appear unhealthy. The natural ingredients present in the best mascara nourish the hair follicles of the eyelashes and enhance the production of natural eyelashes.

Best mascara has added strengthening agents which give strength to each eyelash while creating the makeup look. These strengthening agents make each eyelash strong to fight air and dust.

The Ingredients of the Best Mascara

Three main ingredients that should be part of the best mascara are

Color Pigments

Natural dye pigments to help achieve a darker color and brighter look.

Natural Waxes

They create the consistency of the product and help the product stay. Waxes include beeswax, paraffin and carnauba wax.

Natural Oils

They make the application of the mascara easy and prevent smudges of mascara. Oils such as castor oil and linseed oil are used.

Application of Best Mascara

  • Make sure that your eyelashes are clean and product free before the application of mascara
  • Apply a coat of smudge proof mascara carefully by starting from the roots of the eyelashes to the tip
  • Move the wand from one side to the other slightly to ensure full coverage
  • Apply multiple strokes for a fuller and longer mascara look
  • Wait for the mascara to dry a little to avoid smudges
Herbiar Advanced
Lash High Definition

Creates the prefect makeup look naturally
Hypoallergic due to natural ingredients
Designed to conveniently fit anywhere
Smudge proof and long lasting

Benefits Cosmetic
They’re Real!

Creates a dramatic look with multiple strokes
Long lasting
Gives results similar to false eyelashes

Charlotte Tilbury
full Fat Lashes

Creates a soft natural look but elongates the eyelashes
Best for regular daily use

Maybelline Volum’

Coats each individual eyelash
Builds up volume with each stroke

How to Find the Best Mascara

The best way to find a mascara that suits your needs is by researching beforehand. Know the ingredients that you want in your mascara. Always look for a mascara that are composed of natural ingredients and do not have synthetic chemicals in them.
That would keep your eyelashes safe from any damage.

Also, know what look you want your mascara to create. Mascaras can create from natural looks to dramatic makeup looks. Know the look you want your mascara to develop and find one according to that.

More About the Best Mascara


The best mascara is formulated using only the top quality natural ingredients. That naturally nourishes the eyelashes and keeps them hydrated.


Best mascara is safe for application on eyelashes due to its hypoallergic nature. When applied, the mascara does not burn or irritate.


Best mascara creates a long lasting look which does not smudge or spread during the day. The mascara look stays fresh and radiant throughout the day.


Best mascara does not have any added chemical in it. It does not contain any artificial fragrances which can cause harm to the eyelashes.

Where can you Find the Best Mascara?

There are two ways you can find yourself the mascara reviews, according to your needs. You can either buy it online or visit a makeup store and buy one physically.

The advantage of buying a mascara online is that you can read customer reviews which can help you find the best mascara. Comparing different mascaras and finding the best amongst them is easy when it comes to buying online.

The benefit of physically buying a mascara from the store is that you can read the labels and see what the product looks like in real before buying. That is not the case in online purchasing.