Green mascara is one of those must-have mascara shades that give you a vast opportunity to experiment with. Keeps eyelashes nourished and conditioned.

green mascara

Green Mascara To Make Your Eyelashes Bright

Green mascara is one of those colors that can help you create the perfect fun makeup look when worn correctly.

Green mascara is one of the most used colored mascara because of the diversity of shades, and different makeup looks you can create and the natural ingredients that are used to make it.

Does Green Mascara Help To Increase The Appearance of Your Eyelashes and Eyes?

Most people dread using the green mascara for the first time owing to it being a non-conventional color that might not suit every skin tone and eye color.

But to the surprise of everyone doubting the results of the green mascara, the color brings out the hidden color pigments of the eyes.

The green mascara creates a very clean, bright and subtle natural mascara look which is perfect for any occasion. For some people, it would look better if applied a single coat or applied along with black mascara.

For other, the mascara can look better after multiple strokes of the green mascara and bringing out the vibrant green color.

Which Eye Colors Work Best With Green Mascara?

  • If you have green eyes with a warm undertone, the pale shades of green mascara will help enhance the warm undertones of the green eyes.
  • If you have hazel colored eyes, the darker shades of green lash extension mascara will work amazingly for you. They complement the hazel colors of the eyes and make them look beautiful. It will highlight the earthy tones of the hazel eyes.
  • If you have gray eyes, the minty green mascara color is the one that will work best with your eye color.

More About The Green Mascara


The different shades of green work to brighten eyes and make them appear enhanced and prominent.


All the ingredients used in the formulation of the green mascara are natural and of the highest quality.


The green mascara looks enhanced and shows more color when paired with neutral shades.


It is also recommended to apply green mascara as a top coat on eyelashes already having mascara.

Make Your Green Mascara Work With These Simple Tips

  • If you want to create a subtle look with your green mascara, apply a neutral eyeshade on your eyelids. That will tone down the shade of green mascara and create a perfectly balanced subtle look.
  • Make sure that you choose the right shade of green mascara according to your natural eye color. For some eye colors, the bright color tones of green mascara would work while for other the cooler tones of the green mascara would look best.
  • Some recommend using green colored mascara as a top coat on black mascara to make it more vibrant and to make it stand out. This technique can easily highlight the eyes and its colors better.