A mascara to help you lengthen eyelashes naturally. Elongates eyelashes for a long duration of time without losing shape and strength.

What is a Lengthening Mascara?

Lengthening mascara is the type of mascara which increases the length of the eyelashes and makes them appear longer than they naturally are.
Lengthening mascara are considered a safe and economical alternative to eyelash extension. The mascara gives the eyelashes the same increased length as eyelash extensions would provide.
Lengthening mascara are formulated to give your eyelashes a longer appearance. The mascara focused on the tips of the natural eyelashes in order to appear long. But, lengthening mascara will not make your eyelashes thick and dense.
Lengthening mascara can individually elongate each eyelash but will not increase the eyelash volume and make them appear fuller.

How Does a Lengthening Mascara Work?

Lengthening mascara is formulated using fibers that attach themselves to the natural eyelashes and make them long. The fibers stay attached to the eyelashes with the help of waxes or gels that are used in the formulation of the mascara.

The gel or waxes in the lengthening mascara functions in three ways to give the natural eyelashes an elongated look.

They moisten the natural eyelashes and make them soft. That makes it easier for the fibers of the lengthening mascara to attach to the eyelashes as brittle eyelashes do not attach fibers to themselves.

They keep the consistency of the lengthening mascara smooth. That way the fibers slide on the natural eyelashes easily and do not result in the clumping of the mascara.

The waxes or gels is the best lengthening mascara prevent the fibers from moving and flaking. The fibers get locked into place and maintain the eyelash shape for a long time.

The Importance of Fibers in Lengthening Mascara

Fibers are a vital component of lengthening mascara as it is the fiber addition that makes the eyelashes long. The fibers used in lengthening mascara are obtained from natural origins. It is made sure that no synthetic fibers are added in the mascara as synthetic mascara cause adverse effects.

Mostly the fibers used in lengthening mascara are obtained from the extracts of green tea. The natural fibers nourish natural eyelashes and keep them hydrated.
Research has shown that now lengthening mascara only contain fibers obtained from natural sources.

Is Lengthening Mascara Safe for False Eyelashes and Eyelash Extension?

Yes, lengthening mascara is formulated keeping in view the sensitivity of false eyelashes and eyelash extensions.

The fibers of the lengthening mascara do not react with the polymers and apply an even layer of the product.

Can People With Sensitive Eyes Use Lengthening Mascara?

Yes, lengthening mascara is safe for application by people with sensitive eyes. The mascara does not contain any harmful ingredient which can trigger an allergic reaction.

Lengthening mascara does not contain any artificial fragrances or harmful additives. Every component of the lengthening mascara is of natural origin and keeps eyes and eyelashes protected.

The Wand of a Lengthening Natural Mascara

The wand plays a very important role in how the results of the mascara application come out. So, lengthening mascara have a brush with long and less dense bristles.

The goal is to attach fibers at the tip of the eyelashes and not add to the thickness of the eyelashes. The brushes are skinny in shape and apply the product to each individual eyelash fully.

A less dense brush does not clump eyelashes together and make them appear voluminous. Each eyelash is separate and can be seen. The long bristles also curl eyelashes perfectly and keep them curled.

More About The Lash Lengthening Mascara


Lengthening mascara is formulated using only natural fibers. The fibers attach to the natural eyelashes and make them long and prominent.


The wand or brush of a lengthening mascara is designed especially as skinny to only increase the length of the eyelashes.


Applying lengthening mascara is an easy, safe and economical alternative to obtain long eyelashes.


Lengthening mascara is formulated with ingredients that do not damage the polymers of fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions.

How To Apply Lengthening Mascara Properly

  • Always apply the mascara to clean eyelashes to ensure proper and smooth application.
  • Take the mascara wand and move it gently once all over the eyelashes starting from the roots to the tips.
  • Now take the mascara wand and reapply the mascara only on the tips of the eyelashes. That will give them the extra length.
  • Wait for the mascara to dry off. If you have not achieved the desired length, reapply the mascara only on the tips of the eyelashes