The non flaking mascara is your best approach towards achieving the perfect mess-free mascara look. The color stays fresh while the color pigment stays attached to the eyelashes.

What is Non Flaking Mascara?

A non flaking mascara is a mascara that does not leave fragments of fibers or color pigments onto the cheekbones.

Most mascara that has fibers in their formula tend to leave a residue of the fibers on the face after some time. Non flaking mascara strongly attaches all the fibers and color pigments to the eyelashes and prevent them from falling out.

Why Non Flaking Mascara Should Be Your Best Choice?

Whenever the fibers of the mascara flake onto the skin they often leave marks on the skin due to the color pigments embedded in the fibers.

That can ruin your makeup look as the dark mascara color pigment will leave its residue and wiping it out does not guarantee complete cleanliness.

The flaking of the mascara also results in loss of the mascara look. The fibers leave the eyelashes, and the mascara look you created will slowly fade. The mascara will lose length, volume, and curls with the passage of time.

The flaking of the mascara also results in loss of color pigments. That lightens the eyelashes, and your makeup look does not stay fresh.

Non flaking mascara stays in place for the long hours of the day. The natural waxes and gels that are a part of the non flaking mascara keep the fibers of the mascara attached to the eyelashes until you wash them off yourself.

The non flaking mascara also has active natural polymers that effectively coat the eyelashes and keep all the ingredients of the mascara contained. The color pigment of the non flaking mascara does not leave the eyelashes and keeps the eyelashes prominent and dark.

Why Does Mascara Flake and How to Stop Mascara From Flaking

1. If the mascara is old and all the moisture of the mascara has dried up.
A mascara that has been in use for a long time will flake. The moisture of the mascara dries up and leaves behind the pigments in the form of powders that will flake when applied.

The best non flaking mascara holds a high quantity of essential oils that do not dry quickly when exposed to air. Which makes it suitable for long time use.

2. The waxes and gels of the mascara are not strong enough.

The fibers of the mascara will flake onto the face if they are not firmly attached to the eyelashes. That can happen due to the addition of weak waxes and gels that cannot hold the fibers together.

Non flaking natural mascara contains only the strongest natural waxes and gels which keep the fibers attached to the eyelashes and the polymers added in the non flaking mascara form an even layer on the top of the eyelashes to keep everything in place.

Why Does A Mascara Flake?

The primary cause behind excessive flaking of mascara can be weak holding power of the mascara. The waxes and gels incorporated in the mascara formula do not keep the fibers and color pigments of the mascara attached.

That is why the fibers and the color pigments detach from the eyelashes and fall onto the face, resulting in flaking of mascara.

More About The Non Flaking Mascara


Non flaking mascara is made of all natural ingredients. The waxes used in the mascara to keep the fibers attached and natural polymers are used to coat the eyelashes evenly.


The fibers of the non flaking mascara stay attached to the eyelashes and do not flake easily. The color pigment does not smudge and create a mess.


The consistency of the non flaking mascara results in even application of the mascara. The layer of mascara product applied on the eyelashes is uniform and perfect.


The essential oils in the non flaking mascara keep eyelashes nourished and hydrated. The mascara does not dehydrate in the tube neither when applied on eyelashes.

How To Apply Non Flaking Mascara For The Perfect Makeup Look

  • Make sure that your eyelashes are dry. Non flaking mascara does not stick well to wet eyelashes and will not evenly coat the eyelashes.
  • Take your mascara wand and apply the first coat of the non flaking mascara starting from the roots to the tips.
  • Move the mascara from one side to the other to ensure proper coverage of the eyelashes.
  • Let the mascara dry a little, not entirely, and then apply another coat if you want.
  • Wait for the mascara to dry off completely.