Pink mascara is one of those mascara colors that are highly diverse in terms of color spectrums. You can find colors from vibrant pinks to sublet pale pinks to suits any occasion.

pink mascara

Pink Mascara To Create Any Look You Want

Pink mascara is probably the only colored mascara shade that can create looks that cover both the extremes of makeup. Ranging shades from hot shocking pink to shades like tea pink or pale pink, you can experiment a lot with pink mascara.

Every shade of pink mascara is individual and can transform your makeup look a lot!

The Latest Popular Shade Of Pink Mascara

The latest most popular shade of pink mascara is the rose gold shade. The other shades are also being used a lot, but the shade of pink in trend is definitely the subtle rose gold shade.

How To Properly Apply The Pink Mascara

  • Take the shade of pink mascara you want and see what the wand of the mascara looks like. The wand or brush is equally important for the mascara application results.
  • Start applying carefully from the roots to the tips of the eyelashes.
  • Make sure that you apply both the upper and the lower eyelashes.
  • While moving the mascara wand from the roots to the tips wiggle the brush slightly so that the eyelashes are covered properly.
  • If you want to enhance the length and volume of your eyelashes, even more, you can apply a lash primer before applying the pink mascara.

Applying Pink Mascara For A Subtle And Everyday Makeup Look

If you want to create a subtle makeup look with the pink mascara that you can easily wear during the day to your everyday routine then go for a monochromatic makeup look.

Make sure that your eye shades are similar to  your colored mascara. Apply a similar shade or a shade that is close to the shade of pink mascara you are using on your eyelids.

The monochromatic eye makeup look will help keep the pink mascara balanced with the rest of the makeup and will not stand out too much.

Apply an mascara primer before applying the pink mascara to make the color appear better and for a long lasting mascara look.

Applying Pink Mascara For A Dramatic And Fun Makeup Look

Experts suggest that if you want your pink mascara to look dramatic and bright, you should apply it over an intense eye shadow makeup look.

The intense colors make the pink mascara pop and form the perfect contrast.
Another technique to make the pink mascara dramatic with neutral eyeshades is by applying a dark winged eyeliner and then applying pink mascara.

The dark winged eyeliner gives the pink mascara the right amount of color to stand out and look prominent.

More About The Pink Mascara


The pink mascara comes in so many diverse shades of pink that you have a wide variety to experiment makeup look with.


Just by changing the makeup you applied a little bit, the pink mascara can formulate both subtle and dramatic makeup looks.


Pink mascara color pigment is long lasting and does not fade during the day. That means no reapplications required.


The different shades of pink mascara can help you for a makeup look that can match every occasion easily. So now you have a shade for every event.

What Eye Color Works Best With Pink Mascara?

That is the best thing about pink mascara; every eye color works best with it. The wide color spectrum covered by the pink smudge proof mascara makes it suitable for everyone to apply.