Purple mascara, an unconventional color to brighten your eyelashes and make them appear longer, thicker and more colorful.

Purple Mascara For Your Eyelashes

Purple mascara is definitely one of those unconventional shades of colored mascara that people are afraid to test and try. But, if applied correctly, the purple mascara will create a perfect vibrant makeup look that suits every occasion.

The purple mascara is used to create the most fun makeup looks that can make your eyelashes stand out on every occasion.

Facts About Purple Mascara

One thing about purple mascara that you should always remember is that the color pigment looks brighter and more vibrant on the wand or the brush than it would look on your eyelashes after application. So, do not think about applying less quantity of the mascara in fear of making the color too dark.

Although purple mascara is an intense color, it can work very well with many different skin tones. People with naturally red hair can make the organic mascara work the best.

For people with brown eyes, a thin application of the purple mascara can help deepen the brown color of the eyes.

For people having hazel eyes, the light shades of the purple mascara can help enhance the green color tones of the eyes and make them appear brighter.

How To Properly Wear Purple Mascara?

  • Make sure that you are choosing a shade of colored mascara that suits your eye color and enhances it.
  • Always apply the colored mascara on both your upper and lower eyelashes. That will help create a full eye makeup look.
  • Color the inner rim of your eyes with a purple eye pencil to complete the eyelash look. The purple color in the rim of the eyes makes them appear bright otherwise your eyes can appear red and tired.

More About The Purple Mascara


Purple mascara is one of those mascara colors that are not used that often but is one of the most fun colors to play around with.


Purple mascara comes in a wide variety of shades which make it easier to choose shade that best suits your natural eye color and enhances it.


The best thing about purple mascara is that it works amazingly with every skin tone. So everyone has a fair shot at using the purple mascara.


The purple mascara is one of those colors that can help you in creating many fun makeup looks for parties and other occasions.

The Right Shades Of Purple Mascara For Blue and Hazel Eyes

  1. For blue eyes, the best shade of purple is the dark, eggplant purple. The dark purple mascara enhances the blue color pigment of the blue eyes.
  2. For hazel eyes, royal purple oil free mascara is the most suitable shade of purple mascara. The royal mascara enhances the natural green undertones of the hazel eyes and makes them appear pretty and prominent.