Red mascara is one of the hottest colors in the colored mascara range and can be used to make eyelashes bold and bright quickly.

A Little Background About Red Mascara

Red mascara is the most trending colored mascara that is used to create fun, and creative makeup looks. While most of the other mascara shades can be used to create subtle as well as dramatic makeup looks, red mascara is only used for the latter.
It works to make eyelashes prominent in any party or occasion and draws extra attraction to your eyelashes.
It is considered as probably the most unusual color but can make your mascara look fun and memorable. People tend to avoid applying anything as bright and bold as red around their eyes, but if the mascara is applied correctly, it can look amazing.

Can People With Blue Eyes Wear Red Mascara?

Absolutely, blue eyes paired with a vibrant red look intense. The red mascara brings out the icy and cold tones of the blue eyes and makes them appear intense.

Applying red natural mascara with blue eye color creates the perfect red-eye look that some people love.

How To Choose The Right Shade Of Red Mascara?

There are two factors that affect the selection of the shade of red mascara for your eyelashes.

1. The Eye Color You Want To Pair The Red Mascara With:

Red mascara brings out different color aspects of different eye colors which is why it is important to choose a red mascara that works best with your natural eye color.

Red mascara intensifies the natural brown or black eyes and creates a very highlighted and prominent look.

For people with blue eyes, the red non flaking mascara brings out the icy blues from the eyes and make the eyes bluer.

2. The Skin Tone That Works With Red Mascara

You should always choose a red mascara that works with the undertones of your skin tones. If you have a warm undertone skin, choose the shades of red mascara that are on the warmer undertone side.

For people with cold undertones, the brighter shades or the subtle shades of the red mascara work best.

If you are someone with a neutral undertone, feel free to apply any red mascara shade that you desire.

Apply The Red Mascara Perfectly

Application of red mascara has to be done carefully to ensure the perfect look otherwise it can result in a big mess.

  • Start with an eyelash primer. The mascara primer will cut the natural color of the eyelashes and make the red color of the mascara pop. The eyelash primer also ensures on smudging or flaking of the red color pigment.
  • Start by applying to the upper eyelashes. Carefully apply from the roots to the tips and move from one side to the other to ensure proper coverage.
  • Now apply to the bottom eyelashes. Never miss out on the bottom eyelashes unless you purposely want to. Apply with the same technique as above.
  • If you are satisfied by the color that comes with a single stroke then leave it to dry, otherwise, apply multiple strokes until you get the color you desire.

More About Red Mascara


The red mascara is considered as a very unusual mascara color to apply on your eyelashes owing to its boldness and brightness.


The intensity of the red mascara can help you form so many different fun makeup looks. You can experiment as much as you want!


The color pigment of the red mascara stays attached to the eyelashes for a long time and does not flake or smudge onto the skin.


The red mascara enhances the black or brown eye colors and makes them appear bright. The red mascara itself appears highlighted.

DIY Red Mascara

In case you run out of your red mascara and immediately need to apply some, you can easily DIY it using your red lipstick or red eyeshade.

Apply the eyelash primer onto your eyelashes or any light colored mascara. Quickly coat it with your red eyeshade or red lipstick before it dries completely.

Use a small brush to apply the red lipstick or red eyeshade. Wait for it to dry and then finish it off with some transparent top coat.