A long-lasting mascara which does not spread or smear in hot, humid weather. It stays fresh through the long hours and keeps the eyelash shape maintained.

What is Smudge Proof Mascara?

Smudge proof mascara is a long lasting mascara which does not smear or spread when touched or comes in contact with humidity or moisture. The color pigments of the mascara stay attached to the eyelashes and do not cause any mess.

Smudge proof mascara can easily stay the entire day or event without reapplications. Smudge proof mascara keeps the curls of the eyelashes maintained and does not clump or flake.

The Benefits of a No Smudge Mascara

Non smudge mascara is gaining popularity due to their advantages.

  • Keep eyelashes dark and bright
  • Maintain the curls of the eyelashes over a long duration of time
  • Do not lose the shape of eyelashes in rain, sweat or humidity
  • Does not spread or smear when comes in contact with moisture or fingertips
  • Nourishes eyelashes and keeps them hydrated
  • Does not flake onto skin and lose pigment
  • Keeps eyelashes separated and does not clump them together

Why Smudge Proof Mascara Should Be Your Best Choice

With a busy lifestyle, everyone has now; people prefer to use products that make their life easier. Smudge proof mascara is one of those products that make it easier for everyone to wear makeup.

They do not have to go through the trouble of reapplying the mascara as smudge proof mascara does not lose color pigment or lighten.

The best curling mascara also keeps the shape of the eyelashes maintained. The eyelashes stay curled and elongated throughout the long hours. The mascara does not lose its strength and stays fresh.

Smudge proof mascara keeps eyelashes nourished. It does not let moisture affect it but keeps eyelashes hydrated and nourished. The eyelashes do not get brittle or dry but remain flexible.

Smudge proof mascara keeps eyelashes safe from breaking or falling out and keeps them protected.

The Difference Between Water Proof Mascara and Smudge Free Mascara

Smudge proof mascara and water proof mascara is often confused to be the same, but there is a small difference between the two.


  • Is resistant to tears and water
  • Highly recommended for water sports and swimming
  • Usually dehydrated and dries eyelashes keeping them away from water
  • Not suitable for people with oily skin
  • Results in a lot of spreading and smearing when rubbed.
  • Difficult to wash off as attaches firmly to eyelashes and creates mess.


  • Is resistant to oils and sweat produced by skin
  • People living in humid and hot climates should use smudge proof mascara
  • Does not dry eyelashes out and keeps them hydrated and soft
  • Suitable for people with all types of skin
  • Does not spread or smear with rubbed
  • Easier to take off as compared to water proof mascara and does not create mess.

Some Useful Tips to Keep Mascara from Smudging

  • Avoid applying a large amount of moisturizer on the eyes or around the eyelashes. That speeds the process of smudging of oil free mascara. As skin heats during the day, the moisturizer melts with skin oils and results in spreading of mascara all over the face.
  • Blot your eyelids and under eye area to remove excess oils. The eyelid is usually oilier than the rest of the skin. So, make sure that you clean off the excess oils before applying the mascara.
  • Use a primer over your eyelids and around your eyes. The primer not only keeps the eyeshades in place but also prevents the mascara from spreading.

More About Smudge Proof Mascara


Smudge proof mascara keeps the color pigment of the mascara safe from running down the face with oil or sweat.


Smudge proof mascara combats high humidity climates and keeps the mascara look intact. It does not melt with high moisture's.


Smudge proof mascara keeps the shape of the eyelashes maintained over the long hours with no need to reapplication.


Smudge proof mascara has a smooth consistency which prevent eyelashes from clumping or mascara from flaking.

Is Smudge Proof Mascara Safe for Eyelashes?

Yes, smudge proof mascara is considered safe for application on eyelashes. The best smudge proof mascara has essential nutrients incorporated into it which keep eyelashes nourished. The vitamins incorporated into the mascara, especially vitamin E, keep eyelashes soft and smooth.

The natural humectant agents of the smudge proof mascara keep the moisture locked into the eyelash hair and keeps them flexible. Flexible eyelashes do not break and do not weaken.