A white mascara can help you whiten your eyelashes for a creative makeup look and can also be used to enhance the color of other colored mascaras.

What Can White Mascara Be Used For?

The white mascara serves the role of a multipurpose mascara that can not only give you white colored eyelashes if that is what you desire but can also serve the function of many other makeup products.

1. As A Regular Mascara

White mascara would make a statement when applied. The white mascara is more prominent than any other mascara color owing to the drastic contrast in color.

You can apply the white mascara as a normal, regular mascara if you are creating a fun makeup look, getting ready for a specific occasion or want your eyelashes to stand out.

The white mascara will do its job to make your eyelashes the first thing people notice when they look at you!

2. As An Eyelash Primer

Mascara primer is a makeup product that you apply underneath your regular mascara to reduce the natural color of your eyelashes and make the color of the mascara you are using, enhanced.

White mascara will not only enhance the color of the mascara that you want but will also work to lengthen and thicken your eyelashes.

The white mascara base coat underneath the regular mascara will make your eyelashes appear longer and thicker and the mascara you apply afterward will not have to do that job.

White Mascara To Extend The Life Of Regular Mascara

Apart from thickening and elongating eyelashes, white mascara can perform a very important role if applied as a base coat under other mascaras.

The white mascara has an amazing bonding capacity which holds the color pigments of the mascara applied on top of the white mascara firmly.

That results in zero smudging and no mess after the mascara look is created. The white mascara also prevents the other mascara color from fading, and you require no re-applications when the regular mascara has a white mascara base coat.

A Long-Lasting Mascara Color

White mascara is considered one of the best smudge proof mascara shades in all the color ranges of mascara. The white color pigment does not flake or smudge at all.

That keeps the mascara look of white mascara completely fresh for a long time.

More About The White Mascara


The white mascara is considered an amazing multi-purpose eye makeup product to help you with your makeup looks.


The white mascara does not flake or smudge when applied which makes it a perfect long wearing mascara.


The white mascara can be a very good eyelashes primer. It lengthens and thickens eyelashes effectively.


The white mascara has an amazing bonding power which keeps the other mascara applied on it stick for a long time.

How To Wear White Mascara?

  • Make it a rule that you have to apply the white mascara on both the upper and the lower eyelashes. Do not just apply it to the upper eyelashes.
  • When wearing white mascara as a colored mascara try to keep the rest of the makeup simple as the mascara color itself is very eye-catching.
  • When wearing the white mascara as a base coat, create a makeup look that best works with the color you are wearing.
  • You can also outline your eyelash tips after wearing your regular black or brown mascara for a more fun look.