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Natural Anti Aging Eye Cream HerbiAR

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  • LONG-LASTING BENEFITS, QUICK RESULTS- Clinically tested active ingredients and effective natural additives have proven to give instant and long lasting results. Herbiar anti-aging eye cream works rapidly and gives strength to the under eye area. It helps to firm, lift and brighten the tone of the eye area. Also provides long-term revitalization due to its intense moisturization system. Maintains health by its restorative properties.
  • TOTAL ANTI-AGING EFFECTS- Herbiar anti-aging eye cream is composed mainly of natural ingredients and utilizes all those natural ingredients to provide you all the anti-aging effects when applied to the under eye area. It is very effective in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, eye bags, eye puffiness and also lightens dark circles. It also works as a barrier and protects the under eye area from the harmful UV rays and free radicals which increase the aging process of skin.
  • EASY, NON-GREASY AND SMOOTH APPLICATION- The cream is a light weight cream, which can be applied as easily as a serum and it hydrates the under eye area similar to a thick cream. The application of a small amount of the cream gives intense moisturization without leaving behind any greasy feeling or residue. It gets absorbed quickly into the deepest layers and as it does not stay on the skin surface for long, it is great for use under makeup.
  • INSTANTLY LIFTS AND FIRMS SKIN- The proteins and polysaccharides that are part of the formulation bind together to form a very strong film that results in instantly lifting, tightening and firming the under eye skin. This helps to diminish wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging. The benefits of the anti-aging cream are visible from the initial stages of the application of the cream.
  • FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES- The product is free of harmful chemicals that can result in various allergies and skin issues. It does not have any parabens, which makes it safe for all skin types. The product is safe for all ages to use. It is not tested on animal and is cruelty free.

Product Description

Herbiar anti-aging eye cream is a product formed by the blending of phyto-extracts and multivitamins that reduces present signs of aging and dullness and helps to restore all lost nutrients of the delicate under eye area, keeping it fresh and vitalized. The product contains a mixture of natural extracts and nutrients that nourish your skin back to its healthy and fresh state.
The cream consists of natural ingredients ranging from plant extracts to fatty acids to different vitamins that all perform different important functions to help restore the skins healthy state.
Extracts of different important and beneficial plants are taken and combined, with great technique, with other excipients to form a product that serves as a whole package to bring back the lost freshness of your skin in a short duration of time.
Hydrating agents work to hydrate your skin keeping it soft and smooth.
Moisturizing agents tend to return the lost moisture of the delicate eye area, making it wrinkle free and soft.
The product contains agents that work on the damaged areas such as the skin or the blood capillaries in the under eye area, repair them to give strong and lightened skin that gives off a beautiful feel.
Antioxidants work in two ways to repair skin, first they reduce the signs of aging, giving skin the youthful look and second, they work to repair all the damaged skin back to its original strength and this cream is full of natural antioxidants that work to restore everything back to its original state. Due to the addition of loads of natural ingredients, the result of the product tends to be long lasting.
Our skin faces a lot of stress, not only does it have to fight the pollution and harsh UV rays, it also gets affected by stress and our unhygienic diet patterns, we end up losing nutrients which we would affect the delicate portion of our skin quickly, resulting in unhealthy, dehydrated, undernourished and aged skin.
High quantities of natural ingredients work to restore the health and to maintain the restored health of our skin.
With regular use of the product, skin of the delicate under eye area repairs quickly and your skin would be restored to its original state in a short duration.
The target of the cream is aged, wrinkled, puffy and dark skin and it repairs blood capillaries which improve blood circulation and reduces all problems, resulting in a beautiful looking healthy skin.

Additional information


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Product Type


Target Area

Puffy, loose, dull and dark delicate under eye area


Regular use of the product helps to diminish puffiness of under eye area, tightens loose skin and lightens the dark under eye areas. It reduces dullness of under eye and makes it look fresh.

Special consideration

Sensitivity test of the product should be done prior to regular application. If irritation occurs upon testing, wash off with water and consult your physician.


Before application of product make sure to clean the under eye properly and remove any makeup if applied. Take product on fingertips and gently massage onto the under eye area with great care. Massage until all product is absorbed into skin.


Great caution should be taken during application of product. Make sure that no product goes into the eye, if happens, rinse of immediately with plenty of water.


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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Not recommended as it might disturb the applied makeup. Better to apply before application of makeup.
  2. A Yes, it is unisex and can be used by males too.
  3. A No, normal room temperature storage as normal creams are stored is okay for this product.
  4. A No, it can be used during the day too.
  5. A It is not age specific and can be used by all age groups.
  6. A The skin is very effective on sensitive and acne prone skin too. It works the same as it would on normal skin.
  7. A Yes, the cream can be used as a primer and makeup can be applied after its application.
  8. A Yes it can be applied to eye lids but great care should be taken while application so that no product goes into the eye.
  9. A No, the product is a leave it on product and gets absorbed into the skin.
  10. A Yes, the cream removes the wrinkles in the eye area.
  11. A The product has been formulated to work on the delicate eye area to cure skin problems of the eye area.
  12. A Yes, the cream is effective to tighten loose skin under the eye area.