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Natural Exfoliating Face Scrub HerbiAR

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AN ANTI-AGING EXFOLIATING FACE SCRUB WITH POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS – The exfoliating face scrub is formulated with a time-tested and clinically proven formula composed of all natural ingredients that work in harmony to exfoliate skin deeply and clear off all the dead skin cell layers. It deep cleanses and unclogs pores to eliminate all stuck impurities and also moisturizes skin properly at the same time. The natural components of the scrub also create a protective barrier to save skin from any future damage.

  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS TO REPAIR SKIN LAYERS – The facial scrub is formulated with carefully chosen ingredients that work together to repair all damage done to the skin. The natural nature of the ingredients makes sure that no harmful side effects develop during the use of the exfoliating facial scrub. The greatest advantage of using natural ingredients is that the results are long lasting and the repair is done from the root level.
  • YOUR BEST OPTION TO EXFOLIATE SKIN GENTLY AND PROPERLY – Every one of us have spent so much money and time in buying exfoliating face scrubs that have been extremely harsh for our skin surface. Such scrubs strip our skin from the natural oils secreted by our skin, making our skin dry and tight. Natural Exfoliating Face Scrub Herbiar, with its natural ingredient nature, softly and gently exfoliates skin, removing all dead skin cells from the outer surface of the skin while moisturizing it deeply.
  • PERFECT AND COMPATIBLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES – The natural base of the scrub makes sure that you get an effective and deeply clean yet being delicate and gentle to all skin types. The Natural Exfoliating Face Scrub is compatible for all skin types and can be used by everyone! The gentle cleansing nature of the scrub makes sure that even sensitive skin gets cleaned properly without getting damaged.
  • HYPOALLERGIC AND WITH INGREDIENTS OF HIGHEST QUALITY – The best thing about this scrub? It does not contain any artificial fragrances, parabens or artificial chemicals. This means that no skin hypersensitivities will be developed upon use of this cleanser as the artificial components lead to the development of various allergies sooner or later. The highest quality of ingredients makes sure that you get the best results in the smallest amount of time.
  • Product Description

    Natural Exfoliating Face Scrub Herbiar is a highly advanced formulation that helps to restore the lost radiance and glow of the skin and maintain it. Formed with a revolutionary technique, this multi-crystal exfoliating complex helps to clear of dead, flaky outermost layer of the skin that gives the skin a rough texture and in return gives a soft and smooth skin, giving skin a younger look.

    The exfoliating face scrub helps to unclog and minimize pores and diminish them to prevent any outbreaks from the skin and makes it look clear and even toned.

    The formulation detoxifies skin of potentially harmful toxins that may have formed by the harmful UV rays or accumulated into the pores with time and helps to hydrate skin and make it healthy.

    The versatility of botanical ingredients that serve as actives of this exfoliating scrub helps to reach the desired positive results very quickly. The product not only repairs the damage that has been done, but also has ingredients that work as barriers to more toxins and harmful UV rays, that would cause damage and prove to be harmful for the skin.

    Containing a wide range of ingredients from antioxidants that help to remove harmful free radicles to moisturizing agents that give skin back its soft smooth texture, from collagen producers that help rebuild damaged tissues to anti-aging agents that help to remove all visible and non- visible signs of aging, hydrators that help restore and contain the moisture content of the skin to nourishing agents that give back to the skin whatever nutrients it has lost will battling the harsh environmental conditions, this Natural Exfoliating Face Scrub has it all.

    The scrub not only cleans the skin deeply and removes all stuck impurities from the clogged pores, it also locks in moisture in the skin to make sure that the skin is hydrated which makes skin look healthy and also slows down the rate of skin aging as dry skin tends to get aged quickly as compared to moisturized skin.

    This is why using the product regularly would result in the restoration of the original radiance and health of the skin in no time. Not only does it restore the lost healthy condition of the skin but also aids in maintaining that attained condition to prevent skin from bringing further damaged and unhealthy.

    Regular use gives visible results in a short duration of time and your skin would feel clear, soft and beautiful.

    Additional information


    3.4 oz

    Product Type


    Target Area

    Rough, dull and dead skin


    Detoxifies skin of toxins. Minimizes and diminishes pores. Makes skin soft and smooth by removing dead skin. Hydrates and nourishes skin. Makes skin fresh looking.

    Special Consideration

    Apply onto intact skin. Do not apply onto broken skin. Apply gently, do not scrub roughly.


    Wet skin properly before application of scrub. Take scrub on fingertips and gently rub onto the skin. Scrub entire face properly and rinse off with plenty of water.


    Do not ingest, for external use only. If ingested, seek immediate medical assistance.
    Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs, wash off with plenty of water.


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    Questions and answers of the customers

    1. A Yes, it detoxifies skin of harmful toxins and prevents breakouts.
    2. A The scrub has seen to brighten skin tone and to make skin look fresh and healthy.
    3. A Yes, it is good for all skin types.
    4. A The exfoliator should be used on alternate days as using it daily might be too harsh for your skin. But it mainly depends on your skin type
    5. A No, the scrub is not rough for sensitive skin. Gentle application and light rubbing action is recommended for sensitive skin.
    6. A It can remove dry skin with the help of its exfoliating action. But as eczema is a skin condition, consult your physician before using it on eczema.
    7. A Yes, it works effectively with an exfoliating brush and fingertips both.
    8. A It is not recommended to be applied to under eye area as under eye area and the area round the eye is delicate. However, it can exfoliate the area but great care should be taken during application.
    9. A Yes, a moisturizer should be used after scrubbing the face as the scrub causes tightness of skin.
    10. A Acne prone skin is highly sensitive so care should be taken while applying the scrub. Yes, it can be used on acne scars to fade them, but, gentle application is recommended.
    11. A Yes, the exfoliator can be used on oily skin and will remove excess oils and cleanse deeply.
    12. A Yes, the exfoliating action of the micro crystals removes all toxins and blackheads from the skin.
    13. A The scrub can exfoliate other parts of the body. But some parts of the body tend to be more sensitive than the others, thus, care should be taken will applying scrub on those areas.
    14. A The scrubs does lighten dark spots to some extent. It helps to remove dead skin from the dark spot areas.
    15. A The scrub is washed off after the scrub is properly rubbed onto the skin. The scrub is not left to dry off onto the skin.