Natural Vitamin C Collagen Serum HerbiAR - Herbiar

Natural Vitamin C Collagen Serum HerbiAR

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  • Multi-active complex serum that helps rejuvenate
  • Help to deliver deep hydration
  • Increase the production of collagen
  • Enhance elasticity and firmness of skin.
  • Skin feels hydrated, nourished and healthy.

Product Description

As our bodies age, our skin loses the ability to heal itself and stay strong, so when we face harsh environmental conditions on a daily basis and our skin gets damaged, there is no healing of the skin and the condition of the skin gets worse and worse. Our skin loses its building protein that is known as collagen and being to loosen up. This results in the formation of various signs of aging and damage such as fine lines. Not only this, but our skin also starts to deplete the reserves of nutrients it has and the health and beauty of our skin falls drastically.

Herbiar Collagen Repair Serum is a highly advanced serum that has been prepared by blending together potent plant extracts with vegetable collagen. Then this combination works to give back the skin the strength and firmness that it lost along with other nutrients that the skin got depleted off.

The collagen that is present in the formula replaces the collagen that is lost and tries to make the skin strong and firm. This then treats all the developed signs of aging such as fine lines and makes skin clear and healthy looking.

It can also be used as a preventive treatment to save the skin from the development of fine lines and etc. This way the essential components of the skin get replenished and replaced and the damage that would be done to the skin can be prevented easily.

The formulation also has herbal extracts incorporated into it that have a very gentle action and help to hydrate skin. By hydrating skin, they maintain the moisture levels of the skin and keep it soft and smooth. This way not only is the surface of the skin made smooth, but it also delays the process of development of signs of damage and aging as soft, hydrated and moisturized skin is fully nourished and it does not get affected by environmental factors of aging quickly.

Regular use of the product also evenly tones the skin and it looks healthy and beautiful. It gives the skin a very fresh and glowing look.

Additional information


.66 fl. oz.

Product Type



Chamomile Extract, Comfrey Extract, Goldenseal Extract, Horsetail Extract, Rosemary Essential Oil, Vegetable Psuedocollagen, Tetra Peptide and Argan Oil, Vegetable Collagen, Water, Methygluceth-20, Rosemary Essential Oil, Tetrapeptide-17, Argan Oil, Chamomile Extract, Horsetail Extract, Golden Seal Extract, Comfrey Extracts, DMDM Hydantoin & Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate


Apply serum on damaged, dehydrates and aged skin.Rub in circular motions until all the product is absorbed by the skinUse regularly for better results


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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A No, it does not peel skin, but hydrates the dry skin cell layer.
  2. A No, the serum does not clog the skin pores, but detoxifies them.
  3. A No, it does not have SPF added so an additional sunscreen is recommended for use for day time.
  4. A Yes, by hydrating skin the product does treat redness of skin.
  5. A No, it can be used by all skin types.
  6. A No, the skin does not get oily upon application of the serum and gets absorbed fully into the skin.
  7. A Yes, if you do not want to apply with your fingertips, you can use a cotton ball to apply the serum across your skin.
  8. A Yes, the product is safe to be used under makeup
  9. A Yes, it is recommended to wash your face properly prior to applying this product as the product shows better results with clean and product free skin.
  10. A The product can be used both as a day and a night product, whatever suits your skin care routine better.
  11. A Yes, it is suitable to be applied with other products or other products can be applied after it.
  12. A No, it would not, however you are recommended to wear a sunscreen to add an additional protective layer for the skin.