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Prom season is just around the corner, and you can feel the excitement buzzing in the air. For many high schoolers, prom night is the pinnacle of their high school experience. It is a time when they get to dress up, dance the night away with friends, and make memories that they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. When it comes to hairstyles, most of the girls want to look their absolute best. However, with so many options out there for jaw-dropping hairstyles and accessories, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, with hair tinsel extensions, you can steal the spotlight without breaking a sweat. Hair tinsel is a game-changer when it comes to prom hairstyles. It is a sprinkle of stardust and sparkle for your hair, giving you that extra oomph you need to stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to make a bold statement or add a touch of subtle shimmer, hair tinsel has got your back. This versatile hair accessory is available in various colors, ensuring you find a shade that perfectly complements your prom dress or other accessories.

Some of the main advantages of adding tinsel hair extensions to your prom hairstyle include:

  • Easy to tie: It is easy to learn how to tie the tinsel in your hair. You don’t need any fancy hairstyling skills.
  • Versatility: You can choose from different colors and finishes to match your prom look.
  • Temporary: You can rock hair tinsel for prom and take it out easily when the clock strikes midnight (or the next morning).
  • Hair-friendly: Unlike hair dyes and chemicals, hair tinsel is hair-friendly and will not damage your hair. This makes it the perfect hair extension for girls and teens with delicate or brittle hair.

The 5 dazzling styles to ensure you are the belle of the ball on prom night include:

  1. Tinsel-wrapped hair buns or chignons
  2. Tinsel-infused loose curls
  3. Tinsel in ponytails
  4. Tinsel-infused braids
  5. Tinsel in half-up, half-down styles

Let’s discuss these show-stopping hairstyles in more detail.

1.    Tinsel-wrapped hair buns or chignons

One of the chicest ways to rock tinsel hair extensions to your prom is by wrapping it into a classic bun or chignon. This hairstyle is elegant and classic, making it the perfect choice for your big night. To incorporate hair tinsel into this classic look, start by styling your hair into a bun as you normally would. Take hair tinsel strands in your desired color and weave them throughout the bun. This allows the hair tinsel to peek out for a subtle yet eye-catching sparkle. Distribute the hair tinsel throughout the bun for a balanced look. The beauty of this style is it is very versatile, and you can dress it up or down depending on the look of your prom dress and personal style. To perfectly balance the sparkle, place the hair tinsel strategically to ensure it doesn’t overpower your look.

2.    Tinsel-infused loose curls

For an effortlessly glamorous style, you’ll never go wrong with tinsel-infused loose curls. This look is perfect for stealing the spotlight without trying too hard. When it comes to tying hair tinsel to loose curls, there are a few techniques you can try. One option is to tie the hair tinsel into your curls as you are styling them, ensuring you distribute them evenly for a subtle shimmer throughout. You can also use the silicone beads that come with our hair tinsel kits to secure the hair tinsel to your hair, ensuring it lasts longer. After adding the hair tinsel, complement it with other accessories, such as a delicate hairpin or sparkly clip above your ear, to add elegance without overpowering the hair tinsel’s shine. This ensures the hair tinsel takes center stage while adding a hint of flair to your look.

3.    Tinsel in ponytails

Ponytails are a winning style if you are looking for something sleek and sophisticated. It is also perfect for dancing the night away on prom night without worrying about your hair getting in the way. The hair tinsel strands will catch light as you move and help you look elegant without trying too hard. To tie hair tinsel to a ponytail, start by gathering your hair in a high ponytail and securing it with a hair tie. Take hair tinsel strands from our hair tinsel kit and tie them to the ponytail using the slipknot method. Ensure the knot is not visible for a neater look. This hairstyle is great with a sleek and sophisticated prom gown, and you can add a statement hair accessory to complete the look.

4.    Tinsel-infused braids

Tinsel-infused braids take your typical braid style and kick it up a notch with some serious shimmer. Add tinsel hair extensions to a beautiful and simple French braid, or intertwine it in a fishtail braid to catch the light as you move and dance. This look is chic and helps you make a statement without going overboard. It is also understated and won’t take attention away from your beautiful prom gown or accessories. To achieve this look, weave the hair tinsel into your hair as you braid it. You can also tie a few strands to your hair using the slipknot method before braiding. 

5.    Tinsel in half-up, half-down styles

When it comes to modern hairstyles for prom, the half-up, half-down style offers the best of both worlds. It allows you to pull the front of your hair back for an elegant look while allowing the back of your hair to flow freely. Tying hair tinsel to the lower part of this style gives it a chic and prom-worthy look. And the best part is that our hair tinsel extensions are heat-resistant, so you can take a curling wand or a flat iron and style your hair without worrying about damaging the tinsel. Start by gathering the top half of your hair in a ponytail. Weave the hair tinsel into the ponytail and the lower half of your hair for that extra sparkle. You can add a bit of creativity to this style by braiding the top half for added texture. You can also mix in different colors from our kit for a fun look.


Our tinsel hair extensions kit is a complete game changer for prom night. With 12 dazzling colors to choose from and a generous length of 47 inches, it is the ultimate accessory for creating show-stopping hairstyles that’ll have all eyes on you. No matter the color or style of your prom dress, our hair tinsel strands will complement your look and add that extra touch of glitz and glam. Unleash your inner prom queen and let our hair tinsel kit take your prom look to the next level.