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Looking fabulous sometimes means sacrificing the health of your hair. It can be a trade-off where the charm of a stunning appearance comes with a hefty price tag of damaged tresses. Fortunately, you never have to worry about this with hair tinsel extensions. Unlike many other hair accessories and extensions, hair tinsel is gentle to your hair. It won’t damage your hair like permanent and semi-permanent dyes or strip it bare like harsh chemicals. Additionally, unlike those heavy-duty weaves that are heavy and put unnecessary strain on your hair strands, tinsel is as light as a feather.

But hey, don’t get too comfortable just yet. While hair tinsel might be the gentle giant of hair accessories, you still must handle it carefully. Lucky for you, we have the lowdown on how to keep your hair in tip-top shape while rocking these shimmering strands. The following are some of the tips to follow:

  1. Choose quality hair tinsel
  2. Proper application techniques
  3. Listen to your hair
  4. Gentle handling and maintenance
  5. Careful removal techniques
  6. Give your hair breaks from hair tinsel

Let’s dive in and discuss these tips in more detail.

1.    Choose quality hair tinsel.

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect hair tinsel, quality is essential. You want something lightweight, not heavy and bulky. This is where our hair tinsel extensions kit saves the day. Made from high-quality polyester, our hair tinsel is lightweight and flexible, meaning you never have to worry about tangling. When looking for hair tinsel, steer clear of any tinsel that feels stiff or heavy, as these are prone to knots and tangles. Always go for the highest quality tinsel to keep your hair healthy and fabulous.

2.    Proper application techniques

When applying hair tinsel, it’s essential to handle them with care. Avoid tying the tinsel too tightly around your hair strands. This excessive tension can cause unnecessary stress on your hair follicles, potentially leading to breakage or discomfort.

Secondly, ensure even distribution of the hair tinsel throughout your hair for a balanced weight and appearance. This means taking your time to carefully place each tinsel strand, avoiding any clumping or uneven patches.

If you are unsure about the application process, especially when using a tinsel hair extensions kit with microbeads, consider visiting a professional hairstylist for assistance. They have the expertise and experience to ensure a proper and safe application without compromising your hair’s health.

By following these proper application tips, you can reduce the risk of damage to your hair while enjoying the beauty of hair tinsel.

3.    Listen to your hair.

In rare cases, your hair or scalp might not agree with the hair tinsel, and that’s okay. If you start noticing any itching, discomfort, or irritation, don’t ignore it. Listen to your hair and take action, which could mean removing the hair tinsel.

If your hair’s been damaged with previous chemical treatments and it’s already thin and fragile, hair tinsel might not be the best match. Don’t push it – listen to your hair and give it a break when necessary.

If you start noticing signs of hair loss, it might be time to cut ties with hair tinsel. It’s better to have tinsel-free hair than to risk causing any further damage.

The bottom line is to pay attention to what your hair is telling you. If it’s not feeling the tinsel love, don’t force it. Your hair’s health should always come first.

4.    Gentle handling and regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your hair happy and healthy. Always give your hair a good comb and detangle, especially after washing. This helps prevent tinsel strands from getting tangled up with your natural hair. And while at it, look out for any loose tinsel strands that may have started falling out. If you spot any, remove them before they become entangled in your hair.

Use protective styles at bedtime. Think braids, buns, or anything that keeps your hair nice and snug while you sleep. Wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf or switch to a silk pillowcase. This reduces friction and breakage while you sleep. Also, use deep conditioning treatments to boost your hair and the hair tinsel’s moisture levels.

5.    Careful removal techniques

When the time to say goodbye to those hair tinsel comes, you must do it right to avoid hair damage. Start by applying a smidge of oil or conditioner to where the hair tinsel is attached. This helps loosen things up and makes the removal process smoother. Now, gently unwrap or untie the hair tinsel extensions carefully to ensure you don’t yank or tug on your hair. If you encounter any knots or tangles along the way, a detangling spray or solution can work wonders. Spritz it on and gently work out those pesky knots before removing the hair tinsel extensions. Remember that gentle hands and a little patience go a long way when removing hair tinsel strands.

If you’re unsure about the whole removal process, don’t hesitate to consult a professional stylist. They have the skills and expertise to ensure a clean and damage-free removal, leaving your hair happy and healthy.

6.    Give your hair breaks from tinsel hair extensions.

The final tip is to give your hair some downtime from hair tinsel. Sure, it’s fun to switch up your look with different colors and styles, but even your hair needs a breather from hair tinsel every now and then. Every few months, it’s a good idea to let your natural hair take center stage. Give it a chance to rest and recover from the tension of attaching hair tinsel. This downtime helps prevent excessive stress on your hair and reduces the risk of breakage or damage. After the break, you can come back with a refreshed and rejuvenated mane, ready to rock those tinsel strands once again.

Remember, while it’s tempting to keep the shine on non-stop, don’t forget to give your hair some rest and recovery time. Your hair will thank you for the break.


It’s easy to get caught up in the allure of looking good and forget the importance of hair health. While hair tinsel extensions can add that extra sparkle to your look, it shouldn’t come at the expense of your hair’s well-being. By following these simple yet essential tips, you can enjoy the beauty of hair tinsel while prioritizing the health of your precious locks.

Remember, proper application, gentle handling, proper maintenance, and giving our hair breaks from extensions are all crucial steps in ensuring your hair stays strong and healthy. So, go ahead and rock those tinsels with confidence, but always keep your hair’s health front and center.