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tinsel in simple ponytail

Hair tinsel has often been associated with parties, festivals, and glam events. However, this trend is breaking free from its party confines and helping redefine the everyday hair game. This dazzling style is no longer limited to special occasions, as more and more people embrace it in their everyday style. When done right, tinsel hair can lend a glam and chic look to any regular day, whether you are spending time in the office or on vacation. Keep reading for tips and suggestions for incorporating this sparkling look into your everyday routine.

Tips for glamming up your everyday look with hair tinsel

If you wish to sprinkle a bit of sparkle to your everyday look and add some pizzazz to your regular hairstyle, then hair tinsel is the way to go. Despite evoking images of Christmas parties and music festivals, you can tastefully incorporate tinsel into your daily look with the right tips and tricks. Some of the suggestions to help you subtly glam up your everyday look include:

  1. Use fewer strands.
  2. Placement is key.
  3. Choose neutral colors.
  4. Blend with your natural hair length.
  5. Style your hair as usual.
  6. Try updos.
  7. Mix with highlights.

Let’s discuss each of these tips individually.

1.    Use fewer strands

When wearing hair tinsel every day, the mantra “less is more” applies. The goal is to make the sparkle in your hair a soft accent instead of the main attraction. Use just a few strands of tinsel for understated glamour. Fewer strands blend better into your natural hair and appear more organic. This way, the tinsel hair extensions accentuate your look rather than dominate it. Furthermore, fewer tinsel strands are easier to maintain in your hair, and there’s a reduced risk of tangling. They will last longer, making them suitable for everyday wear.

Another reason fewer strands are ideal for everyday wear is they give you the flexibility and versatility to style your hair in many ways without accounting for the tinsel. You can tie your hair in a bun, let it flow naturally, or braid it. Fewer tinsel strands don’t limit your styling options, allowing you to keep them in your hair longer.

2.    Placement is key

Hair tinsel placement can make the difference between a look that’s gracefully muted and one that’s bright and flamboyant. For everyday wear, it is crucial for the tinsel strands to complement, not compete, with your hairstyles. When deciding how to put in hair tinsel, place it beneath the sections you create so that it subtly reveals itself when your hair moves. For an understated look, consider tying the tinsel away from the face. If your hair is thick, the tinsel hair strands can be easily concealed, giving you more versatility in placement. However, if your hair is thin, the sparkling tinsel stands out more, making the proper placement more crucial. If you have thin hair, place the tinsel strands in areas with more volume for a subtle effect.

3.    Choose neutral colors

Neutral hair tinsel colors lend an understated elegance to your everyday look and help enhance your natural beauty without overshadowing it. It is suitable for people who want a touch of sparkle in their daily look without making a loud statement. Natural-colored tinsel hair can mimic natural highlights. Gold tinsel in blonde hair gives the illusion of sun-streaked hair, ensuring the sparkle appears more organic. Neutral hair color is more muted and less conspicuous, allowing it to blend seamlessly into your hair. The neutral colors create a harmonious look between the tinsel and your hair color. Neutral colors are versatile and won’t clash with any outfit or makeup, whether you are dressing up for a date night or a casual meetup.

4.    Blend with your natural hair length

In addition to hair color and placement, it is essential to consider hair length when choosing hair tinsel for everyday wear. When the hair tinsel matches your hair length, it blends more effortlessly and appears more natural. This prevents the hair tinsel from standing out. Hair tinsel that matches your hair length offers more versatility in styling. Whether you want to braid, curl, or straighten your hair, you won’t have to deal with hair tinsel that looks different from your natural hair because of the different lengths. Another advantage of matching your hair tinsel length to your hair length for everyday wear is that it keeps the look subtle. Matching the hair length allows you to get a hint of sparkle in your hair without drawing too much attention.

5.    Style your hair as usual

You may mistakenly think adding such a sparkly accessory will force you to adapt and change your styling routine. However, hair tinsel can complement your look if you continue to style your hair as usual.

The beauty of hair tinsel is that it can fit into your regular styling habits. Quality tinsel has a high heat-resistant rating, which means it can withstand high temperatures from curling irons and hair dryers. Blend the hair tinsel into your natural hair by straightening or curling both the hair tinsel and your hair together. This ensures a more seamless integration. Tinsel also has a natural flow that mimics the movement of natural hair. Whether straightening your locks or creating waves using a curling wand, the tinsel will move and adjust like your hair, ensuring it blends seamlessly.

For everyday wear, continue to maintain your signature look. If you have a hairstyle you prefer, incorporate the tinsel into this familiar style so that the added shimmer enhances your look. Don't try to overcompensate or alter any other aspect of your hair. By adding the shimmer but keeping everything else about your hair consistent, you make a statement that's understated and suitable for everyday wear.

6.    Try updos

Updos are a versatile way to style your hair for casual day outs and sophisticated events. Incorporating hair tinsel into your updos can elevate these styles while keeping the look subtle enough for everyday wear. Since the hair in the updo is twisted, tied up, or pinned, the tinsel strands offer a discreet shimmer rather than an overpowering shine. You also have a lot of versatile updo styles to try, including messy buns, sleek ponytails, or chignons. With the updo, you can place tinsel hair strategically so they peak through more modestly for a subtle shine.

Updos allow the hair tinsel to sparkle in an understated and controlled manner. If you want a hint of sparkle, add tinsel strands to your updos to enhance their visual texture while giving them a hint of glamour.

7.    Mix with highlights

Both highlights and tinsel hair work by playing with light, depth, texture, and shadow to elevate your hair’s natural beauty. If you already have highlights in your hair, tie hair tinsel to add a reflective quality to your look and enhance the highlight’s multi-tonal effect. The hair tinsel gives your hair a distinct sparkle, while the highlights give it a softer glow. Choose tinsel colors that blend well with your highlights for a seamless look. If you have blonde or lighter highlights, go for gold or silver tinsel to make your hair look like it naturally possesses this shimmering quality. Make sure to place the hair tinsel near or amidst the highlights to achieve balanced radiance without the risk of the sparkle becoming overwhelming.

Tips for maintaining hair tinsel for everyday wear

Incorporating hair tinsel into your daily look means that the strands endure the rigors of weather changes, daily routines, and regular haircare practices. The integrity and shine hinge on meticulous care and maintenance, especially if you want to have them for a long time. The following are some tips to help you maintain the sparkle of hair tinsel for everyday wear:

  1. Brush your hair gently using a soft-bristle brush or a wide-tooth comb. Always start detangling your hair from the ends and work your way up to ensure you don’t accidentally tug on the tinsel hair.
  2. Avoid direct heat to protect the integrity of the tinsel strands. Use heat protectants when styling hair with hot tools like curling irons and straighteners.
  3. While washing your hair, use mild shampoo to ensure the tinsel strands don’t wear out prematurely. Avoid applying conditioner directly to the roots where the tinsel slipknot is tied. This is because conditioners can loosen the knots, causing the tinsel strands to fall out. Be gentle when scrubbing your scalp, and minimize tugging or pulling at the roots.
  4. Tie your hair in a ponytail or use a silk or satin wrap when sleeping to reduce the risk of tangling.
  5. Wear a swim cap to protect your hair from the chlorine in swimming pools which can affect its color and shine.
  6. Once in a while, check the knots where you tied the tinsel. If you notice any loose tinsel strands, retie them before they fall out. You can also replace older strands with new ones to keep your look fresh.


In the ever-evolving realm of hair fashion, hair tinsel has emerged as a way to express your style. As a result, it is no longer viewed as a style that should be confined to the glitz of festivals and glam events. By embracing hair tinsel in our everyday look, you add sparkle to mundane hairstyles. Whether it is a casual workday or a weekend outing, use these tips to add sparkle to your hair in a subtle yet effective way.