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When trying out the latest beauty trends, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of trying something new. But just like following a recipe or learning to drive, some rules must be followed to ensure success. Hair tinsel extensions are no exception. Before diving headfirst into the hair tinsel trend, it’s crucial to understand the dos and don’ts that come along with it. Here’s why:

  • Following the dos and don’ts of hair tinsel ensures your style remains stunning and intact for as long as possible.
  • Incorrect application or maintenance can lead to hair damage, so knowing what to do and what not to do is essential to keep your hair healthy.
  • By following the correct steps from the get-go, you’ll save yourself the hassle of dealing with tangled tinsel or messy removal processes down the line.
  • Knowing that you’ve mastered the dos and don’ts of hair tinsel gives you the confidence to rock your new style with pride.

Let’s delve into the dos and don’ts of attaching, maintaining, and removing hair tinsel.

Dos for tying hair tinsel

The first rule of thumb is to choose your hair tinsel strands wisely. Our hair tinsel extensions kit has top-notch tinsel made from high-quality polyester. Our strands come in 12 vibrant colors that don’t fade, even when exposed to water or sunlight.

The second rule is to clean, dry, and detangle your hair before attaching hair tinsel. Greasy hair might be great for a slicked-back look, but when it comes to hair tinsel, the hair should be squeaky clean to ensure the hair tinsel does not slide off.

For precise placement and neatness, use a threading loop or hair extension tool. These handy gadgets make it a breeze to weave your tinsel strands seamlessly into your hair for a polished finish.

Last but not least, distribute the hair tinsel evenly throughout your hair. Whether you’re going for a subtle sprinkling or a full-on tinsel takeover, evenly distributing the hair tinsel ensures a neat and balanced look.

Don’ts for tying hair tinsel

First things first, do not apply hair tinsel to wet hair. Wet hair might feel more pliable, but it is a recipe for disaster when tying hair tinsel. Hold off on the tinsel until your hair is dry.

Next up, hold off on reaching for adhesives or glue to make the hair tinsel stick to your hair. Using adhesive directly on your hair can leave behind a sticky residue and make it harder to remove the hair tinsel without damaging your hair.

When it comes to hair tinsel, less is often more. Too many hair tinsel strands can weigh down your hair, leaving it limp and lifeless.

Do not place hair tinsel too close to your scalp. This can put undue stress on your hair follicles, leading to breakage and damage. Instead, tie the hair tinsel a few millimeters from the root to keep your hair happy and healthy.

Lastly, do not tug or pull your tinsel strands during application, as this can cause unnecessary stress on your hair and lead to breakage. Take your time and handle the tinsel strands with care.

Dos for hair tinsel maintenance

First up, when it comes to tackling tinsel tangles, be gentle. Reach for a soft-bristled brush or a wide-tooth comb to gently work out any knots or kings without putting undue stress on your hair. Next, minimize tinsel damage at night by sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase. These smooth fabrics reduce friction, preventing tinsel strands from getting tangled or damaged while you catch some Zs.

Keep your hair tinsel looking lustrous by adding a few drops of hair oil to your hair care routine. This will add a gorgeous shine to your hair and help minimize frizz to keep your tinsel looking its best.

Lastly, before sleeping, take a moment to secure your tinsel strands. Whether you opt for a loose braid or a low bun, gently tying up your hair before bed helps protect your tinsel from getting snagged and tangled while you sleep.

Don’ts for hair tinsel maintenance

The first don’t is to avoid harsh hair products. While you might be tempted to reach for your favorite alcohol-based hairspray, these products can wreak havoc on your hair tinsel. Opt for gentle, alcohol-free alternatives to keep your hair looking lovely without causing damage.

Secondly, while your trusty flat iron or curling wand might be your go-to styling tool, hold off when styling hair tinsel. Read the packaging to ensure you have heat-resistant hair tinsel. Even for heat-resistant hair tinsel, direct heat can melt or singe your hair tinsel strands, leaving them looking less than stellar. Instead, reach for a heat protectant spray to shield your hair from the heat and keep it looking its best.

Over-brushing or over-handling your hair with tinsel can lead to breakage and damage, so take it easy and handle those strands carefully. If you’re planning a dip in the pool or a day at the beach, think twice before diving in. Chlorine and salt water can cause your tinsel to fade or deteriorate, so protect your hair with a swim cap or a protective spray before swimming.

Lastly, if you notice any signs of damage or discomfort – whether it’s tinsel that’s lost its sparkle or strands that feel strained – don’t hesitate to remove the hair tinsel and give your hair a break. Your hair will thank you for it in the long run.

Dos for hair tinsel removal

When it’s time to remove your hair tinsel, be patient and gentle. Start by unwinding the tinsel from your hair, carefully avoiding any tangles or snags along the way. If you encounter any stubborn knots or kinks, spray some detangling spray or apply conditioner to the tangled area and gently work it through with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. After removing the hair tinsel, dispose of it responsibly or save it for future use. Show your hair some love after tinsel removal by treating and moisturizing it to keep it looking good and healthy.


Now that you’ve mastered the dos and don’ts of hair tinsel, it’s time to let your creativity shine. Whether adding a subtle touch of sparkle or going all-out with a full-on tinsel takeover, the possibilities are endless. Just remember to keep these simple rules in mind. From choosing quality hair tinsel to detangling them gently, following these guidelines will ensure your tinsel experience is fabulous.