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In today’s vibrant world of hair fashion, hair tinsel has emerged as a shining star, bringing a touch of fairy-tale elegance to everyday hairstyles. These delicate, glimmering strands often grace the locks of influencers and celebrities. However, as with any beauty trend, there are costs involved. Whether you’re pondering a few subtle streaks or a cascade of glittering hair tinsel, understanding the various factors that influence the cost of an application can ensure you get that dazzling look without any surprise expenses. Keep reading as we untangle the costs associated with the hair tinsel trend.

What is the average cost of buying and applying hair tinsel kits?

As you dive deeper into the world of hair tinsel, it’s critical to be realistic about the cost of buying and tying hair tinsel. Beyond the initial shimmer, understanding the average cost of purchasing and tying hair tinsel is essential for budget-conscious consumers and those looking for a luxury experience. These costs can vary widely based on several factors. The following are typical costs you can expect, ensuring you are prepared before venturing into this hair trend:

1.    Buying costs

The average cost of a DIY tinsel hair extension kit can range from $5 to $20, depending on the quantity, quality, and brand. These kits often come with a set number of strands and may include tools for application. Bulk tinsel hair kits are also available and can help reduce the per-strand costs.

2.    Application costs

If you wish to apply the hair tinsel yourself, the primary costs are the tinsel and some minor tools like hair clips and combs. However, if you want a salon or professional application, the price will be higher. Certain salons charge a flat fee ranging between $10 to $60. Others charge anywhere between $1 and $5 per strand. The application can vary depending on the location and prestige of the salon.

3.    Removal costs

While most people may choose to remove the hair tinsel at home, some might prefer to go to a hair salon. This is especially the case if they used the microbeads application method. This can help reduce the risk of breakage or hair damage. Professional removal often comes with its own set of charges.

4.    Additional costs

Additional costs you may have to consider are maintenance sessions and touch-ups, which can add up over time. Furthermore, if you want to tie the hair tinsel in specific designs or patterns, you may have to pay extra for that service.

Factors affecting the cost of tinsel hair extension kits

Not all tinsel hair kits are created equal, and the price tag on these kits can vary significantly. The following are factors affecting the cost of tinsel hair extension kits, helping you make an informed choice on the tinsel hair you’ll buy:

1.    Type and material of hair tinsel

One of the main factors impacting the price of hair tinsel is the type and materials used in making it. Hair tinsel is not a one-size-fits-all product. Different brands offer a spectrum of grades that cater to different budgets and preferences. Hair tinsel made from silk is on the higher end of the price range due to its natural and luxurious feel. In contrast, hair tinsel made from polyester is more economical. Its production costs less, making it more accessible for a wider audience.

Beyond the raw materials, other characteristics further differentiate hair tinsel products in terms of cost. These include the quality of tinsel, its durability, and the consistency of its shine. Washable hair tinsel that remains sparkly after several washes and daily wear commands a higher price point. Tinsel hair extensions that are heat-resistant are also pricier. Additionally, brand recognition and reputation weigh into the cost equation. Popular brands that have carved a niche with unique selling points cost more than newer brands.

2.    DIY vs professional application

Choosing between a DIY and a professional application influences the overall cost of applying hair tinsel. A professional salon invariably costs more, not just for the tinsel strands but also for the expertise and labor of the stylist. Salons also differ in pricing, with some establishments boasting a renowned reputation and charging premium rates. While DIY is the more budget-friendly route, the salon experience offers the assurance of expert application, making it a preferred choice if you want perfection and are willing to invest accordingly.

3.    Quantity and coverage

The extent of sparkle you desire is another factor that plays a crucial role in the cost of hair tinsel application. Naturally, kits packed with more hair tinsel strands have a heftier price tag. The desired density of the tinsel in your hair dictates the cost a salon will charge you. If your aim is a gentle glint with just a handful of strands, you’ll pay considerably less. However, if you want a show-stopping, full-on glittered hair, the cost will be higher. For salons, a full-head application is costlier than partial infusion or highlight-like touches of shimmer.

4.    Special packages or deals

Salons are always looking for ways to entice their customers and offer value. One of the ways they do this is by crafting special packages that combine hair tinsel services with other popular treatments, such as styling and haircuts. These packages seem like a good deal at first glance. However, it is essential to weigh the combined cost against individual service prices. As with any bundled service, it is critical to evaluate the financial aspect and the practicality and desirability of all services included in the package.

5.    Geographical locations

Geographical location is another factor that affects the overall cost of applying hair tinsel. The location holds sway over the pricing dynamics, as salons nestled in upscale and urban locations often set higher prices. These prices reflect the elevated operational costs of such areas and cater to a clientele willing to spend more on beauty services. Salons in smaller towns or rural settings with lower overheads and competition often offer hair tinsel application services at a more modest rate. Therefore, the same tinsel service can see a considerable price variance based on the salon’s zip code.

6.    Seasonal or trend demand

Seasonal trends and demand considerably impact the price of hair tinsel application. Hair tinsel application often sees a surge in prices during peak periods. With the festive shimmer of the holiday season and the vibrancy leading up to major music festivals and events, the demand for tinsel hair extensions rises, often leading to a corresponding uptick in prices. Moreover, special occasions like thematic parties and weddings, where individualized and bulk applications are sought after, can prompt salons and hair stylists to introduce a premium on their services.

Tips to help reduce the cost of tying hair tinsel to your hair

As the allure of hair tinsel captivates many, the quest to shine doesn’t always have to come with a hefty price tag. There are savvy strategies to get this dazzling look for less. The following are cost-effective tips and tricks to ensure you shine brightly without dimming your budget:

  1. Consider purchasing your own hair tinsel and applying it yourself. Read instructions on the manufacturer’s website or watch online videos or tutorials to help guide you through the application process.
  2. If you plan on reapplying hair tinsel or sharing it with your friends, consider buying the hair tinsel in bulk. Hair tinsel is less costly per strand when you buy it in larger quantities.
  3. If you are getting hair tinsel applications as a group for a wedding or a party, look for salons that offer group discounts. Consider going with your friends to get the hair tinsel applied together at a lower per-person price.
  4. Keep an eye out for discounts and promotions online when buying hair tinsel. Also, look out for discounts at local salons. Some salons offer deals during festivals and holidays or off-peak seasons.
  5. If you plan on tying the tinsel to your hair, practice with a few strands first to avoid wastage. Ensure you are comfortable with your technique before applying more. This ensures you don’t waste hair tinsel. Practice makes perfect, and with time, you’ll get better at applying hair tinsel to your own hair.
  6. Get quality hair tinsel that you can wash. This allows you to reuse the hair tinsel several times. Ensure you remove the tinsel strands gently without damaging them so they are good enough to tie to your hair the next time you want to.
  7. When buying hair tinsel or looking for a hairstylist for professional application, compare prices. For salons, always ask about any hidden costs and additional fees. Go for the retailer or salon that offers the best quality at an affordable price.
  8. If your budget is tight, consider applying fewer strands. Sometimes, just a few strategically placed strands can offer a subtle yet beautiful effect. For salons that charge per strand, this can help you save money.
  9. While high-end salons often offer better services, their prices are much higher. Consider local or lesser-known salons that have good reviews to help you save money.
  10. Proper care can extend the life of your tinsel, reducing the frequency of reapplication. Follow care instructions and avoid using excessive heat when styling to protect the hair tinsel from damage.


Hair tinsel has cemented its place as a trendy beauty accessory, adding glitz and glamour to everyday hairstyles and special occasions. Fortunately, there’s hair tinsel for every budget, depending on the materials, application techniques, and geographical location. Whether you want luxurious silk strands at high-end salons or prefer a DIY adventure with a polyester hair tinsel kit, the key lies in being informed and making choices that align with your style and financial capabilities.