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The thick consistency of the organic castor oil helps to keep it retained on the surface of the skin so that maximum benefits are extracted. The oil has increased the ability to penetrate, which means that it would get absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin and moisturize skin tissues of the lowest layer.

A large number of triglycerides present in the pure castor oil nourish skin and return all the essential nutrients that it loses over time.

The best way to use it

But, do keep in mind that the thick consistency of the oil can make it challenging to apply. So, the best approach is to take a small quantity of oil in your palms and rub it. The rubbing warms the oil and the fats present in it melt to some extent, making oil a little less viscous. After rubbing the oil on your palms, then apply it on your skin.

The application of castor oil becomes much easier after doing the above said and spread in a thin layer which gets absorbed easily into the skin. Only a small quantity of the oil is required to fully moisturize the skin as a small amount of the oil goes a long way.

You can also apply another technique to make application easy, and that is by mixing it with another less viscous and compatible oil like coconut oil. That makes oil application easy and also gives additional benefits.


The components of USDA organic castor oil hold powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities. The primary component of the oil that is responsible for the two above mentioned activities is Ricinoleic Acid.

About 90% of the oil is composed of Ricinoleic acid, which means that the oil is a very potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent. That makes the oil an excellent remedy for soothing joint pains. The decongestant actions of the oil act on the lymphatic system of the body and relieve all joint pains.

Cold-pressed organic castor oil is your natural, potent, and inexpensive way to aid in the expulsion of all the accumulated toxins. When the toxins get expelled, the lymph vessels become soft, and the lymph fluids move easily and freely in the vessels to perform its functions.

The oil directly affects the body’s immune system by acting on the thymus glands, which then has a direct impact on the production of white blood cells of the body.

One additional benefit of the oil is that its topical application along with cayenne pepper can relief the internal joint pains in a small amount of time.


Therapeutic massages using essential oils are gaining popularity amongst the mass due to their immense benefits. Hexane-free castor oil is also one of those essential oils that are well-known for their role in therapeutic massages.

Massaging your muscles with warm oil helps to relax muscles and reduce tension by improving the blood circulation of the body.

The oil is very effective in soothing sore muscles and making them soft by releasing the stress and tension entrapped in it, which usually is a result of excessive physical activities.

So, if you have aching muscles due to a workout session or a long day at work, take a small amount of warm best organic castor oil and start massaging it in small circular motions until all the oil gets absorbed, this will give you instant relief.

Another benefit of castor oil is that it is highly compatible with other essential oils like chamomile oil or peppermint oil. That means that you can add other essential oils with USDA certified organic castor oil and then massage that onto your muscles. That would help you get additional benefits like quick healing, and an extra soothes the feeling.

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