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Everyone wants to have bright eyes and long lashes for their beauty styles when it comes to personal care. Natural water-proof mascara is a makeup essential, and no makeup look is complete without the application of mascara. High definition mascara is made by keeping in mind the desired effects after the application of mascara. High lash definition mascara does not smudge or smear and stays as it is for a long time.

The mascara will help you form a natural makeup look that is perfect for the day, not too dramatic, and well suited for a night out, not too dull.

The most significant benefit of applying Herbiar high definition mascara is that it naturally enhances your eyelashes. Over time, with regular use, your eyelashes will grow longer and thicker, which will make them look beautiful!

The applicator is designed in such a way that you get the maximum product on your eyelashes in a single stroke without creating any mess.

You can use some natural remedies to make your eyelashes look beautiful. For example, you can Depuff your eyes.

If you want to make your eye look bright and attractive, then you should depuff your eyes with cucumber, tea bags, or a cold spoon. It relaxes your eyes and treats dark circles and puffiness from your undereye area so that your eyes look gorgeous.

If you depuff your eyes before applying any mascara, it will give you a more fantastic look.

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Eye Shape:

There are six types of eye shapes, and every human belongs to one of them. The shape names are round, monolid, hooded, downturned, upturned, and almond. Some people have small eyes, and some have big eyes according to the eye shapes mentioned above. All these eye shapes are fabulous in their way, and mascara looks elegant on every eye shape.

How to apply mascara according to your eye shape?

Below are discussed some points that how you should apply mascara according to your eye shape.

Mascara for round eyes:

For round eyes, the best part to apply mascara is the top lash line and outer corner. Apply a very minimal amount of mascara on the bottom lash line. You can use a thickening mascara if you have round eyes.

Mascara for monolid eyes:

The vital point for monolid eyelashes is to use curling mascara to be seen above the lash line. If you have monolid eyelashes, then apply a few mascara coats on your lower eyelashes and a single coat of mascara on your upper lash. It will give you a bright and broad eyed look.

Mascara for hooded eyes:

If you have hooded eyes, then apply through the lashes right up at the center of the lashes. A little curl suits them best.

Mascara for downturned eyes:

If you have downturned eyes, then apply mascara on the outer corner of your eyelashes to maximize it. If you apply too much weight on your eyelashes, then the corner drags down. Apply a very minimal amount of mascara on your lower lash.

Mascara for upturned eyes:

If you have upturned eyes, then apply mascara towards the outer corner of your eyelashes and then balance your eyelashes by using a good mascara on your bottom lash too.

Mascara for almond eyes:

If you have almond eyes, then more-or-less suits everything on you. Apply a coat of mascara on upper and lower lash to make them gorgeous.

Eyelashes Shape:

  • Some people have naturally long and thick eyelashes, and they do not want any extension on their eyelashes. They want mascara that curls up their eyelashes and gives them a perfect makeup look.
  • Some people have short and thin eyelashes, and they want a volumizing mascara so that they enhanced the lengthen of their eyelashes and gives them a prominent makeup look. A volumizing or lengthening mascara is best for these types of people.
  • Many women use eyelash extensions, whether they have any shape of eyelashes. There are mascaras available that are best for these types of women. A mascara curls their eyelashes and gives them a gorgeous makeup look.

What does mascara do to your eyelashes?

Mascara has a large number of beauty benefits. It curls up your eyelashes, adds thickness, lengthens your eyelashes, adds a dark color to your eyelashes. Mascara is used to providing more attention to the eyes than the face because it makes the eyelashes look prominent and attractive.

If the following qualities are available in mascara, then that will be the perfect mascara for you.

High definition smudge-proof mascara:

Are you looking for a smudge-proof mascara? There is a quality of high definition mascara that it is smudge-proof mascara. Smudge-proof is designed to limit the amount of transfer from your eyelashes to your eyelids.

High definition water-proof mascara:

The water-proof mascara is specially designed for people that want to keep the mascara throughout the day. The high definition water-proof mascara is long-lasting for all-day wear and keeps the eyes fresh and vitalized.

High definition lengthening mascara:

Are you tired of short eyelashes? The high definition lengthening mascara maximizes and lengthens your eyelashes without damaging the eyes and eyelashes. Mostly, lengthening mascaras contain curling properties. It curls up your eyelashes to give them a gorgeous look.

High definition black mascara:

Black is the most commonly used mascara color all over the world. Mostly, black mascaras provide you with lengthening, curling, smudge-free, and smear-free properties. The black mascara gives you a unique and perfect stunning makeup look.

High definition non-clumping mascara:

Are you using the mascara that sticks your eyelashes? The non-clumping mascara prevents your eyelashes from sticking together and forms a gap between your eyelashes. It gives them a neat, clean, prominent, and perfect makeup look.

High Definition Hypoallergenic mascara:

Some people have sensitive eyes and skin that if they apply anything, then it irritates their eye or their eyelashes start falling, then there should be a mascara that is safe for them. The hypoallergenic mascara is designed for those people that have sensitive eyes and eyelashes. It keeps the eyelashes safe while creating the perfect mascara look.

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