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Contour BrushAre you wondering which contour brush is best for you? Let’s find out!


Every small step in a makeup routine affects your overall look. From your basic skincare routine to the makeup brushes you use, everything has consequences. The same goes for a contour brush.

Although not given the attention it deserves, a contour brush can make or break your makeup routine. Too harsh, and it will damage your skin; too soft, and the contour application will go to waste. This is why it’s extremely important to invest in only the best contour brush in the market.


What is Contouring?

Contouring is the process of sculpting and adding dimensions to your face. We all secretly wish we were born with high cheekbones and a jawline to die for. However, for those not born with the golden ratio of beauty, we have to depend on products like a contour palate.

It is best to use a contour shade that is one or two tones darker than your foundation. In addition to this, the contour must be applied after the foundation to get optimal results. A well-blended contour will create a shadow, which gives the illusion of a well-proportioned face.


How to Contour Your Face

As we mentioned earlier, for a subtly sculpted look, it’s best to use a tone or two darker shade than your foundation. In addition to this, you must also use a contour that matches the texture of your foundation. If you apply a powder contour over a liquid foundation, your makeup might end up looking cakey.

Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, here’s how you should contour your face:

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Getting the basics down: Skincare is extremely important, no matter which makeup look you’re opting for. Always wash your face and apply a moisturizer and primer to prep your face before getting down to business.

Contouring: After you’ve applied the foundation, apply the contour using the best contour brush. Depending on the shape of your face, the contour goes right under the cheeks. To identify, suck your cheeks in and apply below the cheekbones.

We recommend using an angled contour brush because it’s easier to blend with it and complement the natural shape of your face.

Using the same brush, the contour can be applied on the forehead to make it look smaller and under your jaw to give the illusion of a sharp jawline. You can also apply the contour on your nose using a nose contour brush.

Contouring right under your lips can also make them look fuller and bigger.

Blending: Blend, blend, and blend. Unless you’re going for a very sharp contoured look that’s sort of in-your-face, it’s extremely important always to blend your face.

Continue: Continue your makeup routine with a blush, highlighter, etc.

Why Use an Angled Contour Brush

An angled contour brush helps maintain precision and symmetry during the process. It is easy to handle and provides easy application and blending of the face contour. We have a perfect, pocket-friendly contour brush available on our website. Check it out here!

Shawn Fisher, a world-famous makeup artist, recommends an angled contour brush as well. He says the shape of the brush matches the angularity of the face and is easier to use on the hollows of your cheek.

On the other hand, the queen of contouring, Kim Kardashian, uses a dome-shaped brush and a sponge applicator for her cream contours. However, the best contour brush should be selected based on the face of your shape and the texture of your contour.

Other Types of Brushes

Many different makeup artists have used varying contour brushes. Here are some other contour brushes that can be used:

Flat Contour Brush: A flat contour brush is all about precision, though it lacks the blending ability of an angled contour brush. It is also not as easy to use and might be better off in the hands of professionals.

Tulip Shaped Contour Brush: A tulip-shaped contour brush is comparatively thinner and targets specific face areas. If your wallet allows you to purchase more than one brushes for contouring, then there’s no harm in trying it out.

Fan Brush: A fan brush is usually associated with highlighting the face; however, it can be a perfect contouring buddy. The fan brush allows for a very subtle contoured look, though it might take a longer time to apply the product to your face.

Herbiar Angled Contour Brush

The Herbiar Angled Contour Brush is recommended for both professional makeup artists as well as beginners. The length of our contour brush makes it easy to hold, and the synthetic bristles make the application look flawless.

Our brushes are also durable and reliable; the bristles won’t fall off after washing the brush. We also have a range of concealer and powder brushes that will be worth your purchase.

If you’re looking for a pocket and travel-friendly brush, we highly recommend the Herbiar Angled Contour Brush. It is made keeping your comfort in mind. The precise and effortlessly concentrated application will make your makeup routine easier than usual.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to our website and purchase the contour brush now. Let’s witness a beautiful change together!

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