Posted on by Catherine Omondi

There’s nothing quite like the bliss of a pedicure – the soothing soak, the gentle massage, and the joy of perfectly polished toes. But while we all love the pampering, it’s crucial to take precautions to avoid toenail fungus infections. Getting toenail fungus treatment can be a hassle, so taking the correct precautions is essential to keeping your feet happy and healthy.

But worry not! Follow these simple steps before, during, and after your salon visit to enjoy your pedicure without concerns. Let’s dive into how you can indulge in those delightful salon visits while steering clear of toenail fungus infections.

Before your visit.

Before you even set foot in the salon, there are critical precautions you should take. These steps will help ensure your pedicure is safe and enjoyable. They include:

1.    Research the salon.

If you are looking for a new salon to frequent, research the place thoroughly. Read reviews, focusing on what people say about the place’s cleanliness and hygiene. Verify that the salon has a valid license and safety guidelines, reducing your risk of contracting toenail fungus.

2.    Ask about sterilization procedures.

Before going to the salon for the first time, call and ask if they use an autoclave. An autoclave is a device that uses steam and pressure to sterilize pedicure tools. If they don’t have one, ask about any other sterilization equipment they use. Since these pedicure tools are shared, it’s easy to spread the fungus infection from other people if they do not sterilize them properly. Ensure they sterilize the tools between clients and not just soak them in disinfectant.

3.    Bring your own tools.

If you are at high risk of getting toenail fungus or suffer from a disease that would make toenail fungus worse for you, consider bringing nail clippers, files, and buffers to minimize exposure to contaminated instruments. Bringing your own tools gives you extra peace of mind and ensures you do not expose yourself to any potential infections from shared equipment.

During your visit.

Even while you’re at the salon for the first time, there are many things you need to be cautious about to reduce the risk of toenail fungus infection. Here’s what to look out for and what to do during your pedicure visit.

1.    Observe the salon’s cleanliness.

Before you even start your appointment, look around for general cleanliness. Check how clean the workstations, floors, and bathrooms are. See if the technicians wash their hands before starting with a new client. If the cleanliness isn’t up to par, you can still walk out at this point.

While waiting, observe if the technician uses new or correctly sterilized tool sets for each client. Ensure the footbaths have disposable liners or are cleaned and disinfected thoroughly between clients.

2.    Avoid cutting cuticles.

During the procedure, tell the technician not to cut your cuticles. Cutting cuticles can create an entry point for fungi and bacteria. Instead, ask them to push back the cuticles gently. This small step can make a big difference in keeping your nails healthy.

3.    Check for skin damage.

If you have any wounds, cuts, or infections on your feet, do not get a pedicure. Any open wound can increase the risk of contracting a fungal infection. Wait until your toenails heal completely before heading back to the salon.

After your visit

The precautions shouldn’t end at the salon. To keep your feet healthy and free from infections, continue to take steps to prevent toenail fungus. Here’s what you should do after your pedicure.

1.    Monitor your feet

It’s especially crucial to keep an eye on your feet if you have conditions like circulatory problems or diabetes. Regularly check your toenails for any signs of fungus infections, such as discoloration, thickening, or crumbling nails. If you notice any signs of infection, seek OTC toenail fungus treatments quickly to address the infection early.

2.    Maintain good foot hygiene.

Keep your feet dry, change your socks regularly, and avoid wearing damp shoes or socks. Fungus thrives in moist environments, so wearing breathable or open shoes can help keep them at bay. Good foot hygiene is an essential factor in preventing toenail fungus.

3.    Use antifungal products.

Consider using antifungal powders or sprays in your shoes, especially if prone to toenail fungus infections. These products can help reduce the risk of fungus taking hold and keep your feet healthy.

General tips to prevent toenail fungus infections when getting pedicures

Here are some general tips to help you prevent toenail fungus infections when visiting nail salons:

  • Limit frequent visits: Try not to visit nail salons too often to reduce exposure to potential infections.
  • Maintain hydration and nutrition: Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet to keep your nails healthy and resilient.
  • Keep your nails short and clean: Trim them regularly to prevent dirt and fungus from getting trapped underneath.
  • Use foot powder: Apply antifungal foot powder to keep your feet dry and fungus-free.
  • Use antifungal socks: Consider wearing socks with antifungal properties to protect your feet further.
  • Never share personal items: Do not share towels, socks, or shoes with anyone else to prevent spreading the fungus infection.
  • Wear breathable footwear: Choose shoes that allow air to circulate and keep your feet dry. Or even better, show off your pedicure by wearing open-toed shoes.
  • Inspect your feet regularly: Regularly check your feet for any signs of infection or toenail changes. The initial symptoms of toenail fungus are not painful or uncomfortable, so inspecting your toes is the only way to get the infection early.


Follow these tips to ensure you enjoy safe and relaxing pedicures without worrying about toenail infections. Taking these simple precautions helps keep your feet healthy and happy. And if you ever need it, effective treatment for toenail fungus is available to get you back on track. So go ahead, pamper yourself with confidence and enjoy those lovely pedicures.