Organic Castor Oil

Organic castor oil produces many benefits when applied regularly to hair, applied in & around eyes & on eyelashes. It improves their appearance & maintains their health.

Organic Castor Oil Benefits for Eyes

Organic castor oil is used to treat two different areas of the eyes. The first is the eye itself, meaning that the oil is instilled into the eye. The other is applying the oil around the eye, into the skin surrounding the eyes.

Applying Organic Castor Oil into the Eye

The high standards of purity make organic castor oil completely safe for application into the eye. The oil is used to treat issues regarding the internal eye.

  • Treats irritated eyes: the soothing agents present in the oil help to calm down irritation of the eye and take care of the cause of irritation too.
  • Hydrates dry eyes: eyes often get dried due to excessive exposure to harsh environmental conditions. Organic castor oil for eyes enhances the production of natural liquids of eyes and keep it hydrated.
  • Kills allergies causing bacteria: the eyes are sensitive to dust and allergy causing bacteria, so organic castor oil is used to treat eye allergies due to its anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Clears blurred vision: organic castor oil for eyes thoroughly cleans the eyes and clears the vision by treating blurriness.

With the help of clean oil, dropper adds a small drop of organic castor oil in both the eyes. Let it stay for some time before opening the eyes.

It is recommended to apply organic castor oil for eyes at night before going to bed as it would allow the oil to produce better results.

Applying Organic Castor Oil Around the Eyes

Organic castor oil is applied around the eyes to treat fine lines and wrinkles. It is also massaged into the skin surrounding the eyes to prevent the development of various signs of aging such as wrinkles.

The oil does not clog the delicate pores of the skin and expels all the clogged up oil, dirt and other waste products. That keeps skin clean, healthy and balanced.

Organic castor oil also strengthens the building proteins of the skin layers which resolves the issue of loose skin and unhealthy skin. Massaging the oil into the delicate skin helps reduce puffiness of skin around the eyes.

Organic Castor Oil for Eyelashes

Organic castor oil is a very effective natural technique to make eyelashes appearance better and beautiful. The oil helps to improve the growth of the eyelashes.

It also strengthens the eyelashes so that they do not they do not fall out and appear less. The oil also thickens the eyelashes making them appear voluminous.

Using the Applicator Kit for Organic Castor Oil for Eyelashes

Organic castor oil for eyelashes comes with an applicator kit to assist you in the proper application of the oil onto the eyelashes.

The reason a special kit is designed is to avoid wastage of product and to ensure that organic castor oil is being applied properly to every eyelash from the roots to the tips.

  • With the help of the wand present in the applicator kit take a small amount of oil into the brush
  • Start applying it to clean eyelashes.
  • Gently apply in multiple strokes and make sure that the oil is fully covering every part of the eyelash
  • Keep the oil applied on the eyelashes for a few hours or at least overnight to achieve better results.
  • Gently wash the oil from the eyelashes with your regular cleanser and warm water.

More About Organic Castor Oil Benefits


Organic castor oil kills all acne causing bacteria and clears out skin pores. The oil also promotes the production of new skin cells which naturally lightens acne scars.


The strengthening agents of the oil repair the bridges between the building proteins of the hair and reduce the appearance of split ends and hair damage.


The essential fatty acids of the oil strengthen and nourish skin layers to prevent the development of various signs of aging. It also treats the already present wrinkles and fine lines.


Organic castor oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects which kills all inflammation and infection causing bacteria. It also produces a soothing effect against skin irritations.

Organic Castor Oil for Hair

Massaging your hair and scalp with organic castor oil at least twice a week is the most recommended natural hair treatment. It helps to keep scalp and hair healthy while making them appear beautiful and luxurious.

Organic castor oil for hair is composed of Ricinoleic acid which is responsible for the maintenance of scalp and hair health. The Ricinoleic acid gets absorbed into the layers of the repairs the damaged cells and improves blood circulation.

The essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins nourish the undernourished scalp and hair which produces healthy hair. You will notice the visible improvement in your hair texture and a decrease in hair fall.

Organic castor oil for hair also cures infections in the hair roots and scalp and kills all bacteria. The cleansing mechanism of the oil helps to wash out all the dirt, oils and sebum which clog the delicate hair follicles and keeps scalp and hair roots clean and healthy.

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