Mascara is a magical thing that helps you create beautiful thick, voluminous, and lustrous eyes with a wand's single touch. Whenever you ask women about makeup what they do before leaving the house, mascara will always be on her list.
Before putting on mascara, you should know that applying mascara is not that easy. Here are the common mistakes that you make and how to correct them to have beautiful lashes.

Do Not Pump the Wand In And Out:

The first mistake you make while putting on mascara is that you pump the wand in and out too much. When you apply mascara the first time, you always thought pumping the wand in the bottle would mix up mascara and get more mascara on the brush.
Pumping mascara can bring only unwanted bacteria and air on bottle dry your product faster. Because of this, it will flake and clump and give you the spidery lash look.

You Start with Your Top Lashes Before the Bottom:

The second mistake you made while applying the mascara is that you only start with your top lashes. If you coat your top lashes, the mascara will smudge when you look down. Before applying the mascara, make sure that you should start using mascara at the bottom of your lashes so that your eyes pop even more.

Leaving Excess Product on Mascara Brush:

Smudging and clumping mascara does not give you long and voluminous lashes. If your mascara smudge at the corner of your eyelashes. That because you did not wipe off the excess mascara from the tip of the brush. Gently wipe the mascara with tissue paper from your wand before applying the mascara to your eyelashes.

You are Using expire mascara:

Pumping mascara is not the only thing that causes clumping and flaking. If you are keeping your mascara for too long, it will become nasty and causes eye infections. Experts say that three months is suitable for using the same mascara; after that, you should toss the mascara.

Do not use curler after mascara:

Never curl your eyelashes after applying mascara because mascara will stick with the curler cause clumping. Always use it before; the lashes will stick with the curler may cause permanent damage to your lashes.

11 Biggest Mistakes You Make Putting on Mascara

You are afraid of using eyelash curler daily:

If you are using a clean eyelash curler, then it is totally safe for your eyelashes. if you are using an eyelash curler recklessly after applying mascara, you will damage your eyelashes.

You put mascara on one side of eyelashes after curling:

You apply mascara on the outer side of eyelashes, and your lashes immediately lose curl because of the weight of mascara. After curling your eyelashes, apply mascara at the top of eyelashes so that lashes remain curled for a more extended period.

Avoid Cream Formulas on your eyelid

If you are using a moisturizing cream, make sure that your moisturizer does not go near the eyelids. You will create the perfect smudge ground around the eye side. There is enough oil in your eyelids that will heat up, and your mascara will start to flow with the help of an eye cream moisturizer.
Try using the power product before putting on the best hypoallergenic mascara to help you dry down the makeup and keep it in one place.

The Correct Way To Apply Mascara

When you apply mascara, you need to coat your eyelashes from the bottom and proceed towards the top of your eyelashes. Otherwise, it will look clumsy and untidy.

Use Separator

Sometimes it happens when putting on mascara on your eyelashes; you still get a few clumps. Use a mascara separator will help you to separate your eyelashes. It will help you to give a clean look and remove any clumps in your eyelashes.

You do not know how to take it off

Removing the mascara is a tough thing to do. If you remove mascara forcibly, you may lose your eyelashes. Use Herbiar eye makeup remover, which gently removes mascara from your eye area.