3-d Mascara

3D Mascara

A unique three step application mascara to give your eyes the dramatic makeup. 3D Mascara can help magnify the eyelashes with the application of false eyelashes

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3D Mascara

A unique three step application mascara to give your eyes the dramatic makeup. 3D Mascara can help magnify the eyelashes with the application of false eyelashes

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What is a 3D Mascara?

A 3D mascara is a type of mascara which helps magnify eyelashes without the addition of false eyelashes. It also enables you to create the extra dramatic mascara look you desire.

The best mascara consists of two products. One is a gel, which helps make the eyelashes appear magnified. The gel keeps the eyelashes moist and hydrated.

The other is a fiber mascara tube, which contains tiny fibers with the color pigment. The fibers give length and volume to the eyelashes when applied.

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How Does a 3D Mascara Work?

The 3D mascara magnifies eyelashes by applying a coat of colored fibers on the eyelashes and locking them in place with the help of a gel layer.

The fibers add to the length and thickness of the eyelashes and make them appear prominent. The gel works in three ways.

  • The gel damps the eyelashes and makes them moist. That protects the eyelashes from getting dehydrated and dried.
  • It makes the application of fibers easy as fibers do not apply properly on dry eyelashes.
  • When applied to the fibers, the gel locks the mascara in place and prevents loss of product. It keeps eyelashes bright and radiant.

The Fibers Used in 3D Mascara

Only natural fibers are used in the formation of best mascara for eyelashes. Synthetic fibers are not added in the formation of 3D mascara.

The fibers are extracted from natural green tea. The addition of natural fibers makes the mascara a better choice against many synthetic mascaras.

Extensive testing on the 3D mascara reveals that the mascara is composed of 100% natural ingredients and natural fibers.

Can People Wearing Contacts Use 3D Mascara?

People who have to wear contact lenses daily cannot apply false eyelashes due to the sensitivity of the eyes and delicacy of the lenses. The procedure of applying false eyelashes or getting eyelashes extensions can cause harm to their eyes and eyelashes.

So, 3D mascara is their best option to achieve longer looking fuller eyelashes. They can easily get the desired length and volume for their eyelashes and be completely safe at the same time.

No contact lens using a person has reported any problem with the use of 3D mascara while wearing contact lenses.

Compatibility with Sensitive Eyes

3D mascara is found to be the best mascara for sensitive eyes. The mascara does not contain any irritating agents in it.

3D mascara does not smudge, burn or sting when applied to the eyelashes. Even if the fibers fall out, they do not react with the skin and do not cause any allergies.

Conveniently Designed for Ease of Application

The main goal behind the development of 3D fiber lash mascara is to make mascara application easy for you in today’s hectic lifestyle.

3D mascara is a quicker way to achieve longer looking, thicker eyelashes as compared to the troublesome application of false eyelashes or the critical procedure of getting eyelash extensions.

Just one coat of the 3D mascara will make your eyelashes appear better than before.

More About The 3D Mascara

Increase Eyelash Length


Application of 3D mascara works better than any false eyelashes or eyelash extension by a lot. A single coat of the mascara makes the eyelashes appear 300% longer, thicker and brighter.
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3D mascara is composed of all hypoallergic ingredients which makes it a better choice against many. It does not cause any burning or itching sensation.
Water Resistant


The gel layer on top of the eyelashes is extremely water proof. Stay assured that the mascara will not fade unless you rub it off or use a good makeup remover to get it off.
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As the mascara stays on longer even after a single coat, the product lasts for many months. Even if the mascara is applied regularly the mascara can last up to three months before the product runs out.

How to Apply 3D Mascara

The application process of 3D mascara is very simple.

  • Make sure that your eyelashes are clean before the application of the mascara
  • Take the magnifying gel bottle and apply a generous coat of the gel on the eyelashes. Make sure that the eyelashes are adequately coated.
  • Apply the fiber mascara while the eyelashes are still wet. That will make the fibers adhere better to the eyelashes. Be careful while applying the mascara not to get it into the eye.
  • Once the fiber mascara dries a little, apply another coat of magnifying gel. That will keep the mascara fibers intact and will prevent the flaking of the mascara with time.

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