Everyone wants to have bright eyes and long lashes for their beauty styles when it comes to personal care. A hectic job, lack of sleep and an unbalanced diet draw away eye brightness and make them look exhausted and puffy. Here we will give you six recovery tips for your eyes to help you to maintain lashes health and minimize the eye bags.

Depuff Your Eyes

The first step for making your eye look bright and attractive is to depuff your eyes with cucumber, tea bags, or a cold spoon.

According to researchers, the cucumber has 96 percent water content. It is also known as the best remedy for puffy eyes. If you have cucumbers in your home, slice it into thin pieces, and lay one slice over both of your eyes for some time. The cucumber slices are incredibly effective in soothing your eyes for removing puffiness and make them hydrated.

The tea bag or green tea is also an excellent source for removing puffiness and make them bright. The teabags contain a high concentration of antioxidants and caffeine, which are useful for soothing your eyes. How can you use the tea bags for your eyes? It simple you just wet tea bags with lukewarm water and place them to your own eyes for about 15 minutes.

If you can't find any cucumber or tea bags, then the best alternative source for providing the fresh sensation to your eyes is spoons. You need to chill your spoons into your freezer and place them to your eyes. The cold spoons will ease you with redness and irritation due to some allergies. A cold spoon will also help you with recovering from swelling and puffiness.

Suppose you want incredibly useful and quick results for soothing your eyes. Try using Herbiar's Ultra Soothing Eye Gel, made with 100% organic ingredients that will help you remove swelling, puffiness, and prevent skin dryness. The formulation of eye gel is organic so that all consumers don't need to worry about their sensitive skin.

Use Natural Concealer Under the Eyes

Imbalanced routine and hectic job develop dark circles under eyes and are the main reason to look tired. Concealer is the best option for covering up the dark circles, and your eyes will look so bright and more vivid. Choose concealer shades that match with your skin tone or slightly lighter tone for adequate coverage.

6 steps for bright eyes and long lashes

Curl Your Eyelashes

One of the most simple to attain a bright and attractive eye is to curl your eyelashes. The curled eyelashes look extra lifted and make them bigger and sparkling. Here are the simple tips on how to curl your eyelashes.

  • Before curling your eyelashes, make sure that you swiped all your eye makeup from eyelashes because there is a high risk to tear them out.
  • Position the eyelashes to the lash line and press them gently.
  • Now place the curler in the middle of lashes and squeeze them.
  • In the end, put curler to the tip of eyelashes and gently squeeze them for a better defined curled look of eyelashes.

For long lashes, add Mascara

After curling your eyelashes, add mascara for giving your lashes more depth and length. Try Herbiar waterproof mascara for more defined eyelashes.

The best thing about Herbiar Waterproof Mascara is mascara and a serum that nourishes your eyelashes and makes them grow. The smudge-free mascara mixed with nutrients adds volume to your eyelashes and stay on through long and humid days.