1. Never share your mascara
    • Sharing mascara spreads germs and pink eye.
  2. Toss old mascara every 3 months
    • This help prevents eye infections and insures that your makeup is fresh snd not dried out.
  3. Don't pump the mascara wand
    • Pumping the wand back and forth dings it up and gets air in the tube, causing it to dry out faster.
  4. Apply 2 coats
    • Don't let the first coat dry before applying the secoend coat to insure you don't clump.
  5. Use different size wands
    • Start with a thin wand to reach all the wsy t the root then finish woth a thick wand for more volume.
  6. Wiggle your brush
    • Wiggle the wand as you pull it through to prevent clumps.
  7. Apply mascara last
7 Mascara Tips