Finding the best mascara is a hectic job. The various question arises in your mind for choosing the mascara to buy waterproof or regular mascara, lengthening or voluminous mascara, which drug store is best for your beauty products.

Different types of mascara for perfect looks:

There are several types of mascara you can find in the market.

  1. Lengthening mascara

The lengthening mascara adds length to the eyelashes and makes them long and beautiful. The lengthening mascara is best for those who got short and sparse eyelashes. It enhances the lashes and makes them long and beautiful.

  1. Thickening mascara

Thickening mascara defines your eyelashes by adding thickness, volume, and texture. It contains the waxes and silicon polymer ingredients that make your eyelashes to look bold and thick. The thickening mascara is best for those who are facing thin or sparse lashes.

  1. Tubing mascara

The tubing mascara is the newest innovation in the cosmetic world and the best alternative to waterproof mascara. The best tubing mascara contains a water-resistant polymer-like formula that wraps around your eyelashes, forming a tube-like structure.

  1. Waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara consists of oily waxes and contains darkening color pigments such as iron oxide and carbon black. It is based on a non-water formula that will stay put on a whole day without smudges and clumping.

  1. Non-clumping mascara

If you are noticing the large quantity of mascara is at one side of eyelashes compared to an even layer of mascara. Then your mascara ingredient is not good enough to give you well define eyelashes. Non-clumping mascaras are available in the market and contain glycerin and silk ingredients, which will provide you with a clean and natural look.

  1. Curling mascara

Curling mascara formulated to hold your curved eyelashes the whole day. The curling mascara is designed to replace the manual curl that damages your eyelashes.

How to know which mascara wand is the best fit for your eyelashes?

You can’t apply the mascara without having the right tool. You need to choose the best mascara wand, which gives you a magnificent look for your eyelashes. Different wand shapes and sizes are available are present in the market. You need to find the best wand for your eyelashes.

Here are the different brushes styles and curves, which will create unique effects on your eyelashes.

  1. Thin wand

If you want to coat every single lash, then the thin wand is best for your eyelashes. It will help you clean swipe from the bottom of your eyelashes without creating any mess. This wand is best for short eyelashes.

  1. Thick wand

Thicker the wand denser the volume; if you are looking for voluminous to your eyelashes, then the thick wand is the best fit. It is packed with a lot of bristles that will coat your thin eyelashes and make them voluminous. This wand is best suited for sparse lashes that need help in the thickness department.

  1. Curved wand

The curved wand is the best for creating the volume of your eyelashes. This wand is for those beautiful ladies who have long eyelashes. It will hug your eyelashes with great care and love from root to tip.

  1. Tapered wand

The pointed end of the tapered wand will help those lashes which are close to your eyes. The thicker side adds volume and allows you to create a cat-eye look.

  1. Hourglass wand

Hourglass wands are the best fit for those who love intense dark mascara. The curves lift the hairs gives you the wide-awake looks. Stiff bristles help you to coat eyelashes multiple times without any clumping.

7 Mascara Tips

Tips for using mascara for stunning looks:

Here are some tips before applying the mascara:

  • If you want to highlight every part of your eyelashes, give some attention to inner lashes as well. Applying mascara to the middle and outer corners of your eyelashes may give you a narrow look.
  • Make the mascara wand flexible by bending it.
  • Apply multiple coats to achieve a better and well-defined look. Putting several coats of mascara will help your eyelashes thick and voluminous.
  • If you found a glob at the tip of your wand, remove it with tissue paper. It will give you an uneven look for your eyelashes.

A guide to applying mascara:

  • Use a neutral color palette for eye shadow before applying the mascara.
  • Use manual curls to curl to eyelashes. It will give you long and extra dramatic looks.
  • Put the mascara on the wand by twisting it rather than pumping in and out. It will allow air to get in the tube and dries the mascara.
  • To coat your eyelashes, start with the root and move towards the tip of your eyelashes.
  • Apply a second coat for thick and long eyelashes. Don’t neglect any part of your eyelashes.
  • Move mascara wand back and forth to avoid clumping and unevenness.
  • In the end, remove any mascara smudges around your eyelashes with the help of a makeup sponge.