Organic Castor oil is a pale yellow translucent fluid found in Eastern Africa, India, and the Mediterranean. Castor oil is extracted from Ricinus communis, which contains natural fatty acids and vitamins. It keeps your hairs thick, eyelashes long, and smooth baby looking skin.
Due to its multi-purpose abilities, castor oil has been used from ancient Egyptian times for medicinal purposes, such as treating irritated eyes and fuel for lightening the lamp.
Here are the 7 benefits of castor oil

Hair Growth And Hair Loss Remedy

Castor oil contains natural fatty acids and ricinoleic acid fatty acid, which is an effective remedy for hair loss and stimulates hair growth. Castor oil for hair provide essential proteins in hair strands and make them healthy and strong.
Massaging castor oil provides potent nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to hairs and helps repair your dry and damaged hair by nourishing and moisturizing it. Apply castor oil stimulates blood flow by supply the vitamins and nutrients around the scalp, remove waste material from the skin, and balance the ph of the scalp, which is the most useful for treating scalp infections.

Heals Cracked Heels Make Them Smooth

The winter season's dry air makes our skin moistureless. The outer layer of skin in the wintertime becomes dead and form hard and cracked skin around heels. The hydrating and moisturizing ability of castor oil is perfect for your dry and cracked heels.
Apply castor oil on your feet and cover them with socks at bedtime. The moisturizing nutrients transfer to your feet skin, and you will get smooth, soft, and healed skin in the morning.

For Stretch Marks

The deep moisturizing ability of castor oil helps you easing itchiness and remove the stretch marks. Apply castor oil on the affected area and gently massage it in a circular motion for about 15 minutes and cover it with a cotton cloth.

For Healthy Skin

Castor oil is composed of essential nutrients and fatty acids that are most beneficial for treating skin issues. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, castor oil hydrate your skin, fight acne-cause bacteria, and improve skin texture. Applying daily castor oil bring back the freshness and glow to your face.

Acne Treatment

Castor oil for acne scars has an antibacterial and antimicrobial property that enters the skin pores, removes dirt from skin pores, kills all harmful bacteria that cause acne. Apply Castor oil on your skin encourages healthy skin tissues for repairing the scars and locks moisture to your skin.
Castor oil contains natural triglycerides and omega 3 fatty acids that effectively improve skin texture and repair damaged skin by keeping it hydrated and moisturized. Take pea-size castor oil on your fingers and apply it to the affected area daily for significant results.

Castor Oil For Nails

Castor oil contains omega 6 and 9, which help to strengthen your nail and nourish the cuticles. The castor oil has antibacterial properties that keep your nail safe from harmful bacterias and fungi provide a vitamin E dose to hydrate the skin.

Castor Oil For Lips

Applying castor oil on lips which penetrates deep into the skin, which helps treat pain, redness also prevents further chapping.

7 Proven Benefits of Castor Oil