Castor oil has become an integral part of all natural, household remedies owing to all the benefits that it has to provide!

The best thing about usda organic castor oil is that it can be used on both the skin and hair and can also be ingested in recommended quantities to treat various issues.

The Ricinoleic acid present in the oil imparts extensive anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which is why the oil is used in all skin care and hair care products. The oil expels all toxins and accumulated waste products that are responsible for causation of infection, pimples, and acne. It also creates a barrier for future invasions of bacteria. That is why castor oil is extremely effective for treating acne permanently.

The best thing about pure castor oil is that it is compatible with all skin types and suitable for every age group. From babies to elderly, this oil can be used by all to treat various issues. For application on skin and hair, the quantity used does not matter as long as it is fulfilling your needs. But, in case of intake in the body, only use quantities that are suggested by doctors to prevent any harmful effects.

  1. Can be used on skin, hair and the body

    Castor oil for hair growth is known to treat many scalp and hair related issues with regular application. Massaging the oil into the hair roots and scalp reduces dandruff that is known to cause infections and weaken the hair roots. The oil also repairs the hair growth cycle and improves hair growth. The hair locks moisture in the hair strands which prevent hair breakage and hair fall.

    The oil is known to reduce joint pains and relieve stiff muscles to relax the body. It also improves food digestion when ingested in recommended quantities and is a natural remedy for the issue of constipation. The healing properties of the oil help to quickly heal minor wounds and cuts. It also prevents the development of infection in wounds and cuts.

    • For Skin
    • It is highly compatible with all skin types and gives immense benefits when applied to the skin. The oil improves the skin texture upon regular application and makes the skin appear fresh and radiant. Massaging the oil into the skin improves the blood circulation in the skin, which leads to increased elimination of toxins from the body. With the elimination of accumulated toxins, the health status of the skin increases, and the incidence of pimples and acne reduces. Accumulated toxins provide a nourishing environment for the acne-causing bacteria to grow and breed. The oil also accelerates the growth of new skin cells which replace the dead ones and give skin a new and fresh skin tone.
    • For Hair
    • For body
  2. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action
  3. Beneficial for all ages
Advantages of Castor Oil