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Best Organic Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Find the castor oil that’s best for your hair growth. Improve your hair health using Herbiar’s organic castor oil and get voluminous, strong, shiny and long hair.

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Best Organic Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Find the castor oil that’s best for your hair growth. Improve your hair health using Herbiar’s organic castor oil and get voluminous, strong, shiny and long hair.

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Why is Castor Oil Considered Best for Hair?

Organic castor oil goes into the deepest layers of the scalp and repairs all the damage done with the use of synthetic and un-natural oils. With the application of organic castor oil the hair growth is improved and hair fall are reduced to a greater extent.

To achieve positive results in a short time, apply the castor oil on your hair regularly.

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Is Organic Castor Oil Safe for Application on Hair?

Castor oil is found to be extremely safe for application on the hair. It shows no unwanted effects and causes no problem.

Best organic castor oil is found to be highly compatible with all skin and hair types

Which is the Best Organic Castor Oil for Hair Growth?

There are three types of castor oils that are preferred for application on hair.

  • Cold-pressed castor oil (also known as organic castor oil)
  • Hydrogenated castor oil.
  • Jamaican Black castor oil

Out of the three, the best one is the organic, cold-pressed and hexane free castor oil.

Having all its benefits stored inside it, the oil is guaranteed to give you the most amazing hair once you have treated your hair with this oil.

Choose From The Top Organic Castor Oil:

Product BriefFeaturesBenefitsKey DifferentiatorProsCons

USDA Organic Cold
Pressed Castor Oil

available online
A USDA certified organic castor oilNo harmful chemicals Cold-pressed Organic in natureHealthy and nourished hair with regular applicationA 100% money back guaranteeEffective in maintaining healthy hair No harmful chemicals added.Not any

Art Naturals Pure
Organic Castor Oil

available online
A leading name in various brands of castor oil100% virgin castor oil Obtained directly from JamaicaHas anti-bacterial action Treats and reduces dandruff Enhances hair growth and scalp healthA clear plastic bottle to see the oil clearlyCan be used for multiple purposes Pure and natural Improved hair growthStrongly scented

Jamaican Black
Castor Oil

available online
Extracted from roasted castor beans and addition of ashes produced.Slightly alkaline than the regular castor oils availableMoisturizes hair Reduces hair loss Makes hair thick and voluminousadded with regular hair conditioners to save from chemical damageGives a wide range of benefits Deep nourishment of scalpStrongly scented, uncomfortable for some

Wild Nest
Castor Oil

available online
A chemical free, organic and natural grooming product.Cold-pressed Organic USDA certifiedImproves natural hair growthIncrease hair volumeNourishes scalp and makesit healthyConsistency slightly thickthan other brands but comeswith an applicator kit foreasy applicationEasy application technique Hexane & additive freeStrongly scented for some

How Frequently Should the Best Organic Castor Oil for Hair Growth be Applied?

The suggested frequency for the oil application is: Twice a week.

Castor Oil Benefits:

  • Massaging the oil makes blood circulation better and improve toxin expulsion.
  • Improved blood circulation and efficient toxin expulsion improves the health condition of the scalp and make hair better.

It is most preferred to apply castor oil at night and let it stay overnight. The overnight treatment of the oil gives the oil more time to work on your hair that in turn gives better results.

Can I Mix Castor Oil with Other Hair Oils?

Organic castor oil is found to be highly compatible with other essential hair oils. It is often recommended by hair experts to dilute the oil with other oils to, not only, make it easy for application but also give increased benefits.

Best Organic Castor Oil to Help Improve Hair Growth

When organic castor oil is applied on the hair, it gets absorbed into the deepest skin layers and makes the roots of the hair strong. This ultimately reduces the hair loss, and hair volume starts to increase.

Massaging the oil into the scalp also improves the blood circulation of the scalp. Better circulation means that more nutrients are being transferred to the hair, its follicles, and the roots and they are being nourished sufficiently. This affects the natural growth cycle of the hair and improves it.

Once the overall health of the hair and the scalp is improved, the rate at which new hair grows also increases and you get longer hair in a short time. The top-notch castor oil for hair helps in the following ways:

  • They fight and cure dandruff
  • Treats various infections of scalp
  • Cures folliculitis
  • Brings out healthy hair and scalp

Best Eyelash Tonic

The contents of organic castor oil play a significant role in the overall working of the oil. Ricinoleic acid, which is the major component of the oil, works to maintain the pH balance of the scalp.

A balanced pH means that the compensatory mechanism of the scalp is producing no excess oils. Balanced pH only restores the essential natural oils of the scalp and hair which serve as a protective barrier against the harmful chemicals that are part of the majority of hair products.

A large number of antioxidants that are present in the oil work on the keratin of the hair and replenish that. That not only makes hair softer and smoother but gives them strength and reduces hair fall.

Less frizzy hair means less damage and stronger hair.

More About the Best Organic Castor Oil
for Hair Growth

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The antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of the oil make sure that all infection causing bacteria is killed and removed from the scalp to improve the hair health.
cold pressed castor oil


The regular application of the oil makes the hair cycle better, giving you longer and voluminous hair that you desire.
usda certified pure castor


Not only does the best castor oil repair all the damage that has already been done to the scalp and hair, it also creates a protective shield over it to save from any future damage.
usda certified


The components of the oil work to give hair natural strength which works in two ways. One it reduces hair loss due to weakening of hair and second it gives them enough strength to bear all harsh chemicals.

Best Organic Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Pure cold pressed castor oil is considered the best natural remedy when it comes to treating hair and making them better in appearance. The natural components of the oil assure you long-lasting and permanent results as compared to the synthetic chemicals that give temporary effects which often result in more damage to the hair later on.

Best organic castor oil should be your number one choice for improving hair growth and making your hair appear beautiful and healthy.

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