Clear Mascara

Clear Mascara

Clear Mascara is a multiple functioning mascara that helps you in various ways. It keeps eyelashes locked in place, nourished and moisturized.

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Clear Mascara

Clear Mascara is a multiple functioning mascara that helps you in various ways. It keeps eyelashes locked in place, nourished and moisturized.

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What is a Clear Mascara?

Clear mascara is a type of mascara which does not transfer color pigments to your eyelashes but serves many other purposes such as a primer or a base coat mascara.

Clear mascara does not make your eyelash dark, but it does all the other work of making them appear longer and bright.

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What does a Clear Mascara Do?

A clear mascara keeps the eyelashes separate and prevents them from appearing clumped. Clear mascara adds volume to the eyelashes similar to regular mascara.

It also increases the length of the eyelashes and makes them appear radiant and bright. The most significant advantage of applying clear mascara is that it hydrates eyelashes and keeps them moisturized and conditioned.

The gel-like consistency of the mascara locks moisture in the eyelashes and prevents them from getting dry or brittle.

Hydrated and moisturized eyelashes are flexible and do not break as dry and brittle eyelashes do.

Different Ways you Can Use a Clear Mascara

Clear mascara is considered as a multitasking makeup product. You can use it a number of different ways to fulfill your needs.

  • Clear mascara can be easily used to tame eyebrows. The non-color pigment of the mascara gives the eyebrows a polished and clean look.
  • Flyaway hair is one of one of the most common issues faced by all. The clear mascara can easily set flyaway hair in their place and keep them set for long hours.
  • Clear mascara can effectively lock you eyelashes in curls and keep your set lash look for a long duration of time.
  • Many use clear mascara as a primer before the application of regular mascara. It gives extra length and volume, makes application easy and the color pigment sticks on better.
  • Clear mascara is also applied as a top finishing coat to give the eyelashes a prominent shiny appearance. That will also keep the mascara safe from smudging and spreading with touch or time.
  • It also applied as a regular mascara to create a natural, light and daytime look.
  • Clear mascara is an integral part of no-makeup looks. It keeps eyelashes shiny and prominent without the dark tones.
  • The best part about clear mascara is that it can be used as a seal for eyeliners. Applying a coat of clear mascara over the eyeliner with the help of an angled brush will keep the eyeliner smudge proof for many hours. It will also make it appear bright and clean.

Is Clear Mascara Safe for Eyelashes?

Yes, clear mascara does not contain any synthetic additives that can harm or damage eyelashes when applied.

The application of clear mascara soothes eyelashes and does not cause any irritation.

DIY Colored Mascaras Using Clear Mascara

One of the best thing about using clear mascara is that you can easily create different colored mascara from it to help you create fun makeup looks.

  • Take a bottle of clear mascara
  • Choose the color you want and break it into a fine powder. Either uses food grade colors or eyeshades to ensure the safety of eyes as other colors can contain chemicals which can irritate.
  • Pour the fine colored powder into the bottle of clear mascara and mix it properly with the wand.
  • Shake the bottle and move the wand around in the bottle gently to ensure proper blending of the color pigment and clear mascara.
  • Apply like regular mascara and create the perfect look

What to Look for in the Best Clear Mascara

There are a few things you should consider while buying a clear mascara

  • Formulated with safe ingredients: make it a habit of reading the ingredients and choosing only the mascara formulated with FDA approved ingredients. Natural ingredients will keep eyelashes same and nourished whereas chemicals will cause irritation and allergies.
  • Long-lasting: choose a clear mascara that is long-lasting and does not lose its power after a few hours. If the mascara does not keep eyelashes and hair in place, then it is not the best clear mascara.
  • Growth enhancers: look for a clear mascara that has added growth enhancers which can improve the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. That will fill in better and make them grow naturally.

More About The Clear Mascara

Increase Eyelash Length


Even if clear mascara does not darken eyelashes like a regular mascara, it does make them appear longer and thicker. It enhances the eyelashes.
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Clear mascara formulated with natural ingredients completely safe for application on the eyelashes and for the eyes as well.
Water Resistant


Clear mascara contains no color pigments and has a gel like consistency. This prevents the chances of fall outs and flaking of mascara.
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Clear mascara locks in place when applied and does not smudge upon touch or when comes in contact with water. The locking in place also keeps it from spreading all over.

Misconceptions About Clear Mascara

Many people consider clear mascara as a useless product. That is where they are mistaken. Clear mascara creates a significant after application.

It is considered an integral product as it keeps eyebrows and eyelashes tamed for many hours without the trouble of touchups.

It is also a safe option for people with sensitive eyes and eyelashes and for those whose skin reacts easily to different ingredients in makeup products.

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