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Conditioning Mascara

Mascara to nourish your eyelashes & make them long & thick naturally. Conditioning mascara enhances natural growth of eyelashes.

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Conditioning Mascara

Mascara to nourish your eyelashes & make them long & thick naturally. Conditioning mascara enhances natural growth of eyelashes.

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What is Conditioning Mascara?

A conditioning mascara is a nourishment serum infused in mascara to help you supply essential nutrients to your eyelashes while creating the eyelash makeup look you desire.

The condition mascara has special essential nutrients incorporated into it to make eyelashes thicker and longer. The regular mascara too, has all the essential nutrients, but the conditioning mascara has more quantities and a few special ingredients to help eyelashes.

The Difference Between an Eyelash Growth Serum and a Conditioning Mascara

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The eyelash growth serums can only enhance the growth of your eyelashes and make then long and thick but need a regular mascara to be applied over it to give eyes the characteristic mascara look. A conditioning mascara gives the results both as a regular mascara and a growth serum.

The conditioning mascara can be worn on a regular basis like a mascara. It also gives the nourishment to your eyelash like a growth serum, making them thick and long when used regularly.

A conditioning mascara can easily cover up thinning of eyelashes while treating them and making them thick and long.

Is Conditioning Mascara Safe for People with Sensitive Eyes?

Yes, conditioning mascara is formulated using only high quality natural ingredients that make it the best mascara for sensitive eyes completely safe for application by people having sensitive eyes and eyelashes.

The mascara does not trigger any chemical reaction when applied and causes on allergies.

The Formulation Components of Conditioning Mascara

Conditioning mascara is formulated using only top quality natural ingredients which help in improving the condition of the eyelashes.

  • Natural dyes and color pigments: conditioning mascara contains natural dyes and color pigments which work by coating each eyelash and adding volume to the eyelashes.
  • Vitamin E: an integral part of the best conditioning mascara, the antioxidants help to improve the natural growth cycle of the eyelashes and make them thick and long. It also contributes to the nourishment and conditioning of the eyelashes.
  • Panthenol: it acts as a sealing material and gives eyelashes a shiny and glossy look.
  • Pro-vitamin B5: it works to moisturize and nourish eyelashes and keeps them hydrated.
  • Almond oil: almond oil is an integral part of a conditioning mascara. It reduces eyelash breakage and makes them strong. It also improves the natural growth of eyelashes and makes them soft and smooth.
  • Jojoba oil: it gets absorbed into the hair shafts quickly and gives a non-greasy feeling to the conditioning mascara.
  • Silk proteins: they are made a part of most of the conditioning mascara. Silk proteins give strength to the eyelashes and keep them flexible. Flexible eyelashes do not break and fall out easily. They help maintain the health of the eyelashes.

Can People Wearing Contact Lenses Use Conditioning Mascara?

Conditioning mascara is manufactured maintaining high hygienic standards. They are designed keeping in view the needs of even the most sensitive eyes and people who wear contact lenses regularly.

Yes, conditioning mascara does not contain any ingredients that can damage contact lenses or the eye of the person wearing it.

The conditioning mascara is formulated using all hypoallergic ingredients keeping in view the safety of everyone using it.

More About The Colored Mascara

Increase Eyelash Length


Conditioning mascara is made with only high quality special natural ingredients. The ingredients are what make it different from the regular mascara.
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The purity standards of conditioning mascara are very high. That makes it a best choice for use. The mascara is also very pure making it safe for everyone.
Water Resistant


Conditioning mascara gives a mascara look to your eyelashes similar to a regular mascara. The makeup look created stays fresh and smudge free.
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The amino acids, biotin and plant extracts stimulate the natural growth of eyelashes and make them long and thick.

Why Prefer Conditioning Mascara Over Regular Mascara

Regular mascara can cause accumulation of impurities, toxins and mascara residue at the roots of the eyelashes or on the lash lines which result in the development of infection, intense itching and redness of eyes. Conditioning mascara reduces the risks of such incidence. Best natural mascara prevents the accumulation of mascara residue and impurities in the roots of the eyelashes by keeping the eyelashes and lash line clean.

Conditioning mascara holds a high tolerance formula owing to the ingredients that are part of the formulation. The high tolerance formula prevents the development of infection by purifying eyelashes. Regular mascara does not have this. The conditioning mascara makes eyelashes soft while making them strong from tips to the roots.

The eyelash fallout and breakage rate are high with the use of regular mascara as compared to when conditioning mascara is used.

Regular synthetic mascara can contain parabens whereas conditioning mascara is free from any such harmful material.

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