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Curling Mascara

Create perfect curled eyelash look. Curl eyelashes without use of curler, which lasts throughout the whole day.

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Curling Mascara

Create perfect curled eyelash look. Curl eyelashes without use of curler, which lasts throughout the whole day.

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What is a Curling Mascara?

Curling mascara was formulated to replace the manual curlers that often damaged eyelashes and eyes. The mascara is formulated using ingredients that maintain the curved shape of the eyelashes and do not let it fall after some time.

The wand of a best mascara is also specially designed to give the eyelashes the desired curl with no trouble.

Curling mascara was made to replace the steel curlers in order to save eyes from getting damaged. Steel curlers require a lot of expertise to use in order to curl eyelashes properly.

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The Composition of Curling Mascara

The composition of curling mascara is similar to the regular mascara, but it has a few additional things that help keep the lashes curled for a long time.

  • Waxes: Curling mascara have a wax base. The natural waxes are used in high quantities to keep the shape of the eyelashes maintained for a long time. The waxes add bulk to the eyelashes and form a solid film around the eyelashes that keep the eyelashes curled.
  • Polymers: Polymers are an important part of volumizing mascara formulation. Polymers are also responsible for maintaining the shape of the curled eyelashes. The polymers cover the eyelashes individually and keep them curled separately.
  • Essential oils: A small quantity of essential oils is also added in the curling mascara to keep eyelashes nourished and supply them with essential nutrients.
  • Color Dye: Natural color dyes are added in the curling mascara to give the eyelashes a dark and prominent look.

Can We Use Both Curling Mascara and Eyelash Curlers Together?

Yes, both curling mascara and eyelash curlers can be used together to give eyelashes and extra curly look but be very careful with the eyelash curler as it can take eyelid skin in and can cause wounds.

Should Curling Mascara be Applied Before Using an Eyelash Curler or After it?

If you use an eyelash curler after applying curling mascara, there are high chances that your eyelashes will stick to the eyelash curler and break from the lash line. So, to avoid the breakage of eyelashes always apply the mascara once you have used the eyelash curler.

Keep Eyelashes Curled All Day With The Curling Mascara

If you apply the curling mascara properly, you can maintain eyelash curls all through the day.

  • Apply a coat of the curling mascara and keep the wand on the tip of the eyelashes for sometimes. That will help the eyelashes gain the desired curved shape.
  • Make sure to apply the smudge proof mascara properly from the roots to tips.
  • Move the wand from one side to another to ensure proper coverage.
  • Add a small amount of extra mascara at the tips and hold the wand for a few seconds when ending to give an extra curl.

More About Curling Mascara

Increase Eyelash Length


Conditioning mascara is made with only high quality special natural ingredients. The ingredients are what make it different from the regular mascara.
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Curling mascara was developed as a safe alternative for eyelash curlers. The curlers can damage eyes if not done carefully which is why people prefer curling mascara.
Water Resistant


Curling mascara have been found to create perfect curled eyelash look that stays curled throughout the day. The curling mascara does not lose its strength.
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The wand of the curling mascara is designed specially to transfer sufficient product to the eyelashes will curling it and keeping eyelashes from clumping.

The Importance of Mascara Brushes in Curling Mascara

The best wand for curling eyelashes properly and efficiently is the curved combed wand. It is designed for the purpose of curling eyelashes while transferring the product onto them.

The head of the wand is designed in such a way that it follows the natural curl of your eyelashes and enhances them. That way the curled eyelashes give off a very natural look.

The comb structure of the mascara wands prevents eyelashes from clumping together. The comb ensures that each eyelash stayed separate and curled instead of joining together and forming gaps.

A useful tip is that if you want to enhance your natural curls, add mascara product on the roots of your eyelashes rather than the tips. Adding a lot to mascara on the tips will result in flattening out of eyelashes due to the weight and the curls would be lost.

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