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Hair Mascara

A Mascara to color and highlight hair temporarily. It can help you create fun and new looks without the danger of permanently damaging hair.

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Hair Mascara

A Mascara to color and highlight hair temporarily. It can help you create fun and new looks without the danger of permanently damaging hair.

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What is a Hair Mascara?

A Mascara to color and highlight hair temporarily. It can help you create fun and new looks without the danger of permanently damaging hair.

Hair mascara is an innovative hair coloring product that allows people to add different colored highlight or steaks to the hair. The highlights are temporary and can easily be washed out from the hair.

The best mascara can be applied to various individual sections of the hair or on a single large section depending upon your choice.

The hair mascara saves the trouble of going into a hair salon and getting the process done and saves you from a permanent hair process.

Temporarily Highlights the Hair

The Advantages of Using Hair Mascara

Adding streaks or highlights of different colors in your hair is a fashion, and for most people, it is hard to wear after a few hours. The festive look may appeal at the time but it the long run it will not be something you want to wear to your office or school. That is why hair mascara was introduced.

They are temporary but give an intense look similar to a permanent hair dye treatment. The hair mascara gives you the rich color you want on your hair, and you can easily wash it off from your hair when you are over the look. All you have to do is use your regular shampoo and rinse it out.

The best part about the hair mascara is that it does not damage the hair. It only coats the top layer of the hair and goes nowhere near the roots of the hair.

It is made sure during the production of the oil free mascara that no harmful chemicals are added in the formulation and it is made as safe as possible for the hair.

So, you get the desired colorful hair look you want while keeping your hair protected and safe from any damage.

Create Different Looks Using Hair Mascara

There are two ways you can use hair mascara. You can either create a natural look with the hair mascara or form streaks that stand out and are prominent.

1. A Natural Look With Hair Mascara

If you want to create a look that is more blended towards your natural hair color and is subtle, then you need to apply the hair mascara from your roots to the tips of your hair.

Then, as the mascara is slightly wet and not dry completely, run a brush through your entire hair gently. Apply it on the sections where the mascara is applied and is still wet.

That will help to blend the hair mascara into your hair and create a subtle and even look.

2. For Face-Framing Highlights

To create face-framing highlights for your hair, take a lighter shade than your original hair color and apply it on the hair strands that are around your face and frame it.

3. For Creating Bright and Prominent Streaks of Colors

If you want to create a bright hair look, apply shades that are a contrast with your natural hair color. Make sure that you do not brush your hair after applying the best organic mascara. That is the only way you will get the streaks.

How To Apply The Hair Mascara Properly

Let the mascara dry right where it is applied. That will give you intense colored and bright color streaks. If you want to make the color more prominent and bold, apply a streak of multiple colors such as green, pink and blue.

Temporary Highlighter for Hair
  • The number one rule of applying the hair mascara is that you need to be sure what kind of look you want and then apply the hair mascara accordingly.
  • Make sure that your hair is completely dry when applying the hair mascara. Hair mascara will not stick on wet hair, and you might get flakes of color pigments on the hair that look unpleasant.
  • The application process entirely depends on what look you want to achieve. It can vary from application from the roots to the tips or when just the tips.
  • When you have applied the mascara wait for some time to let the mascara dry and stick properly to the hair strands.
  • Once it has dried properly, you can style your hair as you want.

More About The Hair Mascara

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The hair mascara is formulated using only the top quality natural ingredients that keep hair safe when applied onto them.
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The hair mascara does not fade after some time of application. The color of the mascara stays fresh and is long lasting.
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Hair mascara comes in a number of different colors which give you the option to create many different looks.
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Hair mascara can be washed off easily and does not leave any color behind once it has been washed out of the hair.

How to Wash The Hair Mascara from the Hair

Washing the hair mascara from the hair is easy. All you have to do is shampoo with your regular and let the shampoo rinse all the colored mascara out and wait until clear water starts coming from the hair.

Make sure to apply conditioner on your hair after shampooing the color out. Let the hair air dry.

A high level of purity and safety is maintained in the formulation of the mascara.

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