Castor oil is a pale yellow translucent vegetable oil that is extracted from the castor beans. There are various types of pulling castor oil from beans, but the most effective technique is cold-pressed. In the cold-pressed process, the castor oil is free from all impurities and helpful for your skin hairs and removing acne scars.
Organic castor oil is rich in essential vitamins, fatty acids, Ricinoleic acid, and omega 9, which have many health and beauty benefits.

Pure Castor Oil Benefits:

In the cold-pressed castor oil process, a heating method is not used for extracting the oil from the beans because the castor oil loses its natural properties. In the cold-pressed technique, no heat is involved for the extracting, and you get superior quality of castor oil.

    • Castor oil for skin

Castor oil is composed of essential components that are is most beneficial for the treatment of skin issues. Castor oil is a powerful natural lubricant with remarkable anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that hydrate your skin and fight acne-cause bacteria and make it smooth. Applying daily castor oil will help you bring back your freshness and glow.
Applying castor oil on lips which penetrates deep in to the skin which is helpful for treating pain, redness also prevents further chapping.

    • Castor oil For Eyes

Castor oil has potential treatment for the dry, itching, and burning of ice because of its anti-inflammatory property of castor oil, which help you moisturize your eyes. Many researchers found that castor oil is best suited for hydrating your eyes and prevents eye infections caused by dryness.

    • Castor oil For Eyelashes

Castor oil contains vital natural nutrients and vitamins, which is significant for eyelashes growth. The castor oil heals the damaged eyelashes, which are caused by harmful eye makeup products. It helps to regrow your eyelashes and prevents breakage and moisturize your eyelashes and make them long, thick, and dark.

    • Castor oil For Hair Growth

The composition of castor oil is natural fatty acids, nutrients, and ricinoleic acid, which is an effective remedy for hair loss. Massaging castor oil on hairs helps you repair your dry and damaged hair by nourishing and moisturizing it. Applying castor oil can increase your blood circulation by transferring the essential nutrients around the scalp, which is best for treating scalp issues.

    • Castor oil For joint pain

Castor oil is best for treating arthritis and joint pain because of its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Massaging castor oil on joints and sore muscles relieve pain.

    • Castor oil For acne scars

Castor oil for acne scars has an antibacterial and antimicrobial property that enters the skin pores, kills the bacteria, and removes dirt from skin pores that cause acne. Castor oil contains natural triglycerides, which are excellent for improving skin texture by keeping it hydrated and moisturize.

Benefits of Herbiar Castor Oil